National take back the lunch break day (24 June 2022)

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what is take back the lunch break day?

take back the lunch break day

National Take Back the Lunch Break Day takes place in North America every year on the third Friday of June.
North American workers are encouraged to take back their lunch breaks because while working hard is key to success, it is also necessary to take those few moments to simply enjoy your break.


Tork Established National Take Back The Back The Lunch Break Day in 2018 to counter the decline of the employee clinch break in today’s 24/7 work culture.
According to Tork’s research, employees who take a lunch break perform better on a variety of engagement indicators, including job satisfaction and productivity. The Tork take back the lunch break concept is straightforward: by encouraging more workers to take their lunch breaks, we can enhance the workplace and worker wellbeing!
National Take Back the Lunch Break Day was declared by the registrar of the National Day Calendar to be honoured annually on the third Friday in June beginning in 2018.

Stop skipping lunch or eating in front of the computer. Get some fresh air, a proper lunch, and some social interaction away from your desk.

To share your lunch break experience on social media, use the hashtag #takebacklunch and post it on your social media handles.
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