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Freelancing large and small businesses look for experienced freelancers to perform important tasks. Upwork is a great place to look for quality talent, but there are better Upwork options out there.

If you need a T-shirt design, WordPress development, or an enterprise-level software application, there are talented freelancers upwork who can do it.

Quick summary:

Freelancing Best Overall: Toptal: Only the best freelancers are allowed to join their platform, so if you want to hire the top 3% talent, Toptal is the place to look for them.

Runner-up, best overall: Freelancer.com has 30 million freelancers in their marketplace. I like your transparency because you got a free bid for your project and you only pay for the work when the gig is done.
Its the best budget option Upwork: Fiverr is good for when you want to do things that don’t require too much customization or complexity.

Toptal :

Official website: www.toptal.com
Hire top 3% talent worldwide.
Only the best tested freelancers are allowed to join the platform.
Read my detailed top review here.
Why use Toptal instead of Upwork
If you want the top 3% rent available talent, then Toptal is the way.

Although Freelancing on their platform have somewhat expensive Upwork, one of the best things they do and you can be assured that they will get the job done and do it well.

Why use Upwork instead of Taptal
If budget is a concern and if you are right about hiring less experienced freelancers then the way to go upwork.


Official website: youteam.io
YouTube is a platform for building remote teams of world-class engineers.
Hire the best developers from tested outsourcing agencies in Eastern Europe and Latin America.
YouTube is a marketplace for recruiting full-time remote developers from vetted and top outsourcing agencies in Eastern Europe and Latin America, known for hiring high-quality local talent compared to the United States or the United Kingdom.

Why use Utime instead of Upwork
Upwork is a marketplace for freelancers. YouTeam, on the other hand, is a top developer of outsourcing agencies and a platform for hiring engineers that you will not find in freelancing portals Upwork. All the companies in the talent pool of UTIM have to go through a rigorous test and due diligence process.

Why use Upwork instead of YouTeam
Upwork is a freelancer platform where you need to actively select the right freelancer based on suggestions. Freelancer Son Upwork usually works on multiple projects but on YouTube you are employed full time dedicated resources.

Workhoppers :


Official website: www.workhoppers.com
Hire local freelancers to match an algorithm for you.
No commission is charged.
Why use workhoppers instead of Upwork
Workhoppers help you hire local freelancers for any type of work, from graphic to web design development.

The best part of this service is that they will not charge you anything for hiring and working with freelancers on the platform.

Why use Upwork instead of workhoppers
Upwork offers access to the global community to choose freelancers. Unlike workhoppers, you can choose freelancers based on offers.


Official website: www.freelancer.com
Access to 32 million professional freelancers.
Design allows competitions where you can choose the design you like the most.
Why use Upwork instead of Freelancer.com
Upwork provides access to more freelancers than Freelancer. You can post design contests where freelancers around the world do post post design work and you reward the designer whose work you like the most.

Why use Freelancer.com instead of Upwork
Similar to Upwork Freelancer In many ways if you want to get the job done cheap and fast then go with Upwork.


Fiverr :

Official website: www.fiverr.com
Known for cheap $ 5 service.
From graphic design to service department podcast hosting and editing.
Why use Upwork instead of Fiverr
Fiverr.com is best when you want to do things that don’t require much customization like voiceovers, animations, simple graphic designs, podcast editing, etc.

Provides top freelancers for Fiverr that have been verified, and hand-tested for Starler quality and service.

Why use Fiverr instead of Upwork
If you want to finish some custom work, then Upwork is much better than Fiverr.

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