The struggle never goes in vain

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Success is worth the hardships. The first step is always a difficult one. You need to engrave one thing into your mind that there is always a next opportunity waiting for you. Never be afraid of changes and struggle.


Last year, I started working at a well-known firm. I was like a being, with zero professional experience. The firm was very famous and getting selected among so many candidates was like a dream coming true. But what happened next is a lesson for me.

I was excited, yet nervous. A bunch of experienced people all around me, people having their groups there, office politics, and many thoughts were racing in mind. It dropped my confidence for a while. As soon as I started going, I became familiar with the environment. I enjoyed working there. The job was tough, very tough.

The workplace was also very far from my place. I had to walk for 20 minutes to reach my stop; either it was a hot sunny day or a rainy day. I kept working there.

Always Struggle to Achieve Your Dreams

The unfortunate part began when it was more than 5 months and they didn’t pay me despite committing that they’d pay me. I never wanted to leave that firm and kept requesting them for my hard-earned money, dropped emails. I tried connecting with the CEO of the company, but nothing worked out for me.

Still, I was not ready to switch my job. I was afraid of the change. I thought no company would hire me. Even I thought my struggle has gone in vain. I was depressed. I felt like this is the only opportunity I have. After working for 2 more months, I decided to speak to the owner. The owner didn’t listen. We ended on a bad note and he fired me without paying. I didn’t have my experience letter, but I had the experience.

I felt like losing everything. However, the sitting blank was not an option for me. I applied to new firms. I made my profile on job-hunting websites. There’s when the window of opportunity opened for me. I received a few interview calls. I gave my interview and got selected for an off-shore company that decided to pay me more than my expected salary along with medical insurance. For them, all that mattered was my experience and hard work.

This is when I believed that struggle never goes in vain. Your experience, your hardships will always pay you off someday. Your difficult days are your test. There is always a test before a good result. You need to stay determined and have faith in yourself.

Currently, I am working as a manager and a freelancer. The money I lost seems like nothing to me now. I am satisfied with my career.

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