7 reasons why WordPress is better

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Why WordPress

We at TrendLine work with a spread of platforms – both ready-made CMS and 0-turnkey solutions. The undisputed leader of choice among clients is that the WordPress platform. let’s examine why!
On this score, WordPress is better logics are tons of materials on the web and here on VC, we analyzed a number of them and believe that we’ve something to feature. The materials are a touch outdated, and besides, we’ve our own real cases.

Key benefits

The key advantages of WordPress sites are the minimal development cost and fast creation from scratch. Minimum powerful hosting is required, and an honestly paid template is often much cooler than a turnkey solution without a CMS. Moreover, the worth of an honestly paid template is typically but $ 100.

Here within the ThemeForest service you’ll see the entire sort of templates and plugins. Choose for yourself, something affordable and functional.


WordPress isn’t only about “Blogs“, speaking all about an equivalent high-quality paid templates, you’ll immediately take under consideration the built-in E-Commerce solution, it’ll either already compute of the box with our payment systems, or by slightly adding the right package of plugins, it are often adapted for CIS realities. WordPress is better because of the following reasons.

WordPress is better

Corporate sites are done one or twice . All that’s needed is sweet copywriting of texts for uniqueness, correct structure and thoughtful design.

WordPress is better because of the following reasons. We can conclude that if you are doing not have a web store with 500+ positions with a posh category system, a multi-level site structure, and not a cryptocurrency exchange, then you ought to already believe WordPress.

Support, maintenance and usefulness

The platform isn’t very whimsical, once having created a working and full-fledged site, through an easy admin panel, people that aren’t conversant in IT and development are going to be ready to maintain and update the location with the content on their own or delegate to internal employees without involving developers.
WordPress is better because this saves time and money – the foremost important thing for little and medium businesses.


If before everyone was bothered by CMS updates, now they need become more minor and sites have long ceased to interrupt from minor changes. Auto-update are often turned off and thus freeze everything at the present level because it is – usually this is often the proper solution.

Myths and possible WordPress problems

Previously, it had been believed that sites on WP aren’t particularly friendly with search engines and you can’t build a strong resource with good traffic. this is often an error or a myth, WordPress was originally built as a blog platform and most of the developer’s attention has always been on SEO.
A lot of plugins like Yoast SEO easily solve the matter of website promotion in search.
If you’ve got not achieved some success in promoting your site, then presumably , you merely did something wrong or didn’t skills to try to to it right. SEO isn’t a simple thing and it’s tough for newbies.

Security issues

Hacking resistance is questionable. most reviewers of this CMS still write on this. presumably they need never worked with WordPress, but simply copyright each other’s articles.

This myth started after a few of schoolchildren hacked the location using the quality link / wp-admin and a bunch of login and password admin: admin. Since then, tons of water and updates have passed under the bridge.

WordPress is better

Change the link for entering the admin panel from standard to unique, or set complex passwords and logins, also set a limit on the amount of login attempts – or better, beat a posh .

As our practice shows, WP may be a fairly secure system and 1-2 plugins completely cover the difficulty of your site’s security.
WordFence is one such plugin that gives a full range of protection.

Only work with verified plugins from trusted sources and with reviews. As a rule, it’s through questionable plugins that hacking occurs.


For all that point while WordPress, there are many changes within the CMS market. Now it’s a progressive platform within the right hands, solving a group of tasks at a high level.

Beginners will find in it a convenient and modern product for website development with tons of technical documentation and guides in free access. Professionals are increasingly turning to its functionality. Business owners in search of universal and comprehensive solutions – they use WordPress to attenuate the risks of losing money and time.

We hope this material was useful. Ask your questions within the comments, we’ll attempt to answer them.

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