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Work at home

In the current situation, many people are experimenting with working from home – also known as telecommuting – for the first time. Real pain for some, for others working from home, brings more motivation, reflection, calm, and independence. Some have already adopted working from home for a long time with entrepreneurial activities or that do not require a constant presence in the office of his employer. What if you would like it?


Are you frustrated by public transport journeys? Tired of those cafeteria lunches or ham and butter sandwiches at the bakery? You are probably ready to move on to a full-time home job.

But how do you go from a desk job to a home job? And what are the techniques and behaviors to adapt to work well from home?

There are more and more ways to make money on the Internet, more or less serious. Depending on your profession or your expertise, this may be more or less easy but not impossible. You just have to consider your current situation and develop the right strategy for converting to telecommuting or for retraining to another professional activity.

Before you take the plunge, you need to know what you want to do, and most importantly, know what serious work from home options are available to you. And you can take advantage of this forced rest to take a step back and reflect on the evolution of your professional and personal life.

This article reviews the different activities for doing a home job. Make your choice according to your interests, your skills, and train yourself if necessary.

Homework, what status?

The easiest way, when you want to start a professional activity at home, is to register under the auto-entrepreneur scheme or another self-employed status. In order to comply with the legislation, any home activity can be either carried out as a self-employed person or as an employee for a company that accepts remote employees. And there are more and more of them.

How to find work at home?
More and more companies are accepting remote work from some of their employees. A special section is available on Linkedin, but also on the Pôle Emploi or Travail à distance sites.

If you have the soul of an entrepreneur, you can also start your own home business with self-employed status. You can choose to make it your primary or secondary activity.

How to negotiate telework with your employer?
Some employers are still very reluctant to let their employees work from home. You should bring the subject up with your manager, emphasizing instead the benefits it can bring to the company, and not to yourself. Indeed, working from home can represent savings for companies: you free up an office, you do not need a cafeteria or restaurant tickets, you are less tired and therefore more efficient, and no need to reimburse you for a part of your transportation.

Explain all the advantages of teleworking from home to him, but also the positive impact it can have on your work with concrete examples, such as being more peaceful when writing or making calls. If you want to relocate, you can highlight the possibility of having a local market presence, or of finding new partners/suppliers, …

The reasons on your side for wanting to switch to telework are numerous (reduction of travel time, relocation, need for concentration, more time with family, etc.) and can also make the difference with an understandable employer. But try to find common ground by offering regular remote meetings with the option of coming back to the site from time to time.

Becoming an Entrepreneur: Finding a Profitable Home Business Idea
Do you want to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure? Great!

First, consider what would be the logical possibilities in relation to your current activity. Some trades are transferable to working at home, others are not. Generally speaking, and while remote working grows rapidly, almost all office jobs are achievable remotely.

If you are a salesperson or salesperson, you can equally well use your skills for a position of VDI (independent remote salesman) or tele-advisor at home. If you are a developer, copywriter, or marketer, you can start your freelance business and work from anywhere. If you have any know-how: artistic talent, mechanical or DIY genius, gardening, world champion of poker, or Excel board, you can sell your creations online or develop training courses.

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