You Are Precious and Unique.

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Every morning, it is a struggle against your thoughts because You Are Precious and Unique. It’s worst to have so many people around you, yet you still feel lonely. Maybe they pretend to be at your side, but when you need them, they vanish; like they never existed. Like a shadow, sticking to your side in your brightest times, but fade away in dark. That’s what fake friends are. But you should believe in you because You Are Precious and Unique.

  • You call them when you are needy, 
  • But they turn out to be greedy,
  • Dual faces people everywhere, 
  • That’s the case everywhere.

 Perhaps, I don’t have the courage to kick real fake people out of my life, and then I end up punishing true friends. For this reason, many real friends have stepped back. I go toxic, on time. I don’t know, that probably my opinion. 

Precious and Unique

However, that’s the reality of life. People act like that no one else can be more sincere to you except them. But when call them in the hour of need, they’d end up like “uhh… it’s my dog’s birthday, hope you understand”. That’s the situation when you cannot turn to your real friends too. This is because you’ve already distant yourself from real friends for the sake of toxic people. 

Let not Your Ego Ruin You!

Your ego becomes a huge resistance. In this situation, you can’t hurt someone else, so you end up hurting your own self. You suffer behind the door. Conceal your scars every day. Wake up with a bright smile on your face, but end up crying every night. 

Precious and Unique

You need to be strong enough to fight for yourself because, at the end of the day, no one is going to do it for you. It’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to not have a good day. But what’s not okay, is you continuously suffering behind the walls. Listen to yourself, your inner self. 

Dependency on other people can kill you because you are precious and unique. When you start depending on others, you look for their appreciation or approval every time. If they don’t appreciate you, you go down; feel depressed, have self-doubts, and lose your self-esteem. That’s where the destruction begins. You start finding happiness in temporary things. You don’t want to be in your skin. 

You are not a happy meal that makes everyone happy. Remember, everyone is precious and has their own uniqueness. Like sun and moon; they both shine when it’s their time. 

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