The best Turkish food

CNN Travel Writer Lisa Morrow listed the best local Turkish dishes that will make you forget the kebab. CNN Travel Writers Lisa Morrow made comments that praised the Turkish cuisine: “Turkey is a country with flavors from regions change with 783,000 sq km surface area. Plato and fertile soil, although now occur by volcanoes are …

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top 5 famous Chinese food

Today Un Voyage En China is thinking of gourmets and tackling Chinese food (gastronomy). Besides the richness of its history and its heritage, China indeed enjoys a great culinary variety famous throughout the world. Some love it, others are downright airtight, but it must be recognized that some dishes have incomparable flavors and mixtures. Let’s …

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3 Disgusting Drinks Around The World That You Won’t Believe

I am sure today’s blog will leave your eyes and jaw wide open. This is exactly what I experienced when I came to know about this. Although everyone has their own choices and free to eat/drink whatever they prefer. But sometimes the situation gets a little-more “yeeww!” I have seen people with weirdest food combinations …

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