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Ajab Gul is a Famous Actor Pakistani actor, storyteller, filmmaker, musician, and film director. Film, television, and theater have been awakening the magic of their talents for more than three decades. He learned martial arts as a student. After completing his Masters in Pashto from the University of Peshawar, he started acting in Pakistan Television Peshawar Markaz and worked in the first drama serial “Moosam”. After that, he worked with all the leading directors of Pakistan, including Jahanzeb Sohail, Mumtaz Ali Khan, Nusrat Thakur, Rashid Dar, Yawar Hayat, Ashfaq Ahmed, and others. He also did many memorable programs as a host on television, in which the film music program “Har Tan Hai Deepak” topped the list of favorites.

Famous Actor :

Famous Actor

In the world of film, as a scriptwriter, film director also made two Urdu films, the names of which include “Lost Where Are You” and “Why I Love You So Much”, including several Pashto films. His first film was “Doomsday to Doomsday” in 1988, which also introduced him as a hero in the film industry. He becomes a Famous Actor because has acted in more than 50 Urdu and Pashto films. Some of his famous Urdu films include Sir Kata Insan, Dakhtar, Janan, and Salute.

This Famous Actor has also acted in dozens of dramas, some of his famous dramas include Manchale Ka Soda, Faria, Ghulam Gardesh, Shehzad, Piya’s, and others. He also performed in the theater and worked with well-known actors like Khayyam Sarhadi, Qawi Khan, and Munawar Saeed in his popular play “Janam Janam Ki Meli Chadar”. As good as these artists are, they are also far more positive-minded people. I had a detailed meeting with him in the last few days, in which I also had this detailed dialogue. After a long time, he has given a detailed interview, so this is a special and fearless dialogue service.

Q: In every area of ​​life including film, why are we becoming less serious, what do you think about it?

A: Institutions have been set up for every job. If they are active, doing their job, there will be seriousness in everything, but if they are not doing their job properly, then problems will arise. Anyway, we are good imitators, we can imitate by looking, but it is becoming difficult for us to choose a new path on our own. Understanding by seeing and then testing it is the process of understanding anything, but we have nothing but copying by seeing, we are deprived of the stages through which consciousness and cognition come. Is. We just stopped at the ladder of seeing, not the ladder of understanding and testing beyond that, so things took the form on which we are now talking about how the process of creation and consciousness stopped. In our country, things are mostly reversed, so the performance of the institutions is questioned, now the institution or medium in which we have the opportunity to work, that is, what is called showbiz, the performance is poor. These are the reasons behind it. Artists and artists from India came here during the formation of Pakistan, they worked a little and passed on their talents to the next generation, leaving behind a generation of their students who carried on their work. He also worked for a while, but then by the sixties the series came to a halt and by the seventies it was over. The legacy of the film is over. The few people who came, they worked, later on, we could not produce much better people in our field. Therefore, the creative journey of the film industry was also affected.

Famous Actor

Q: You are not an actor of the sixties and seventies, so how did you realize this situation?

: Because I took a closer look at history, got to the bottom of it, the people who were working at the time were earning from this sector, but not necessarily, whoever is earning from there, It is not possible to shed light on the shortcomings of the sector. He will ignore any such thing, he will try to cover up these flaws, because he himself must have been a part of the era in which the error is being talked about, if I give an example. Let me say that I was a movie hero in the nineties, so now I will talk about the flaws of that era, but it is an inescapable fact, I have been a part of this era. I can better tell you about the people who worked with me during this time.

Q: So what was the main reason that caused our film industry to decline so badly?

A: We fell victim to non-professionalism. When the battery in the car of our film industry broke down, we started working by pushing, but its battery was bad, we did not think of fixing this problem. This method is not for remote solution but it should not have happened. If our car breaks down, we should have enough resources to fix it, or use the resources in a timely manner. I like Madam Noor Jahan very much, which I heard in one of her interviews. When she was asked, what do you like most about her? “My place of beauty, my sarees, my car that takes me to my place of work.” We have considered such things unnecessary, while they are very important. We also kept our attitude in our work unserious, did not find solutions to the problems, took alternatives to these problems, Pakistani fans are very big hearted people.

Q: Where did you start your acting career, share some details with our readers.

Famous Actor

A: In 1984, I did the first drama serial “Mosam” for PTV, Peshawar Markaz. It was directed by Jahanzeb Sohail. This is the time when I graduated from the University of Peshawar with a Masters in Pashto. He has been practicing martial arts since 1975. I was basically interested in writing, I went to TV with that story, there they put me on acting, then it worked. That was the first game “Season” and Jahanzeb Sohail brought me to acting. My last game from Peshawar Center was Three Pigeons, written by Dr. Dennis Isaac. It was the year 1986. Mustansir Hussain Tarar and Rashid Dar saw this game at Lahore Center. They gave me another chance to work. His drama serial was “Along with the Sun” in which Khayyam Sarhadi, Abid Ali, Zal Subhan and with him junior actors Sonia, Waleed Iqbal and I were, thus my work started from Lahore, then Nusrat Thakur’s drama serial “Piyas” was written by Asghar Nadeem Syed. After that, the first film “Qiyamat Se Qiyamat Tak” was released. I also did the writing work, write both my own films that I directed.

Q: How can your fans contact you, any way?

A: I have only one ID on social media ie Facebook, which is mine, it is “Ajab Gul Official”, all the others are fake, don’t add them at all. Don’t trust them. Thank you so much, you always love me so much.

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