What is love

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Love is a feeling of universal affection that one has towards a person, animal, or thing.

Love also refers to a feeling of emotional and sexual attraction that you have towards a person with whom you want to have a relationship or coexistence under the same roof.

Love is symbolically represented through a heart or the figure of Cupid with a bow and arrow. For example, a heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow symbolizes romantic love; Instead, a broken heart represents heartbreak.

The term love can also have other meanings, it depends on how it is used. It is, for example, the care and pleasure with which something is done, for example: “I organize your party with a lot of love.”

The word love is also used as an adjective when it indicates that a person is charming, pleasant, or sympathetic: “Rosa is a person love”.

Love as value

Love is one of the most important values. It is the force that drives us to do things well, that is why it is considered a value that is very clear about the difference between good and evil.


Love is a moral feeling, as it induces us to act well in our life and with the people we love. In addition, it leads us to have a life full of peace, tranquility, and joy, and, consequently, of well-being with ourselves.

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Love at first sight

Love, at first sight, is spoken of as an infatuation that occurs immediately between two people. This occurs because people identify in the other the idealized partner, that is, a set of stereotypes that we associate with the ideal life partner.

Many believe that love at first sight is a myth, that there is only a momentary attraction, but that love as such is built only over the years.

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Clandestine love

It is designated as clandestine love that in which two people, for different reasons or circumstances, are prohibited from being together. However, they insist on living their relationship secretly. An example of clandestine love was that of Romeo and Juliet, whose estranged families prevented them from being together.

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Distance love


Long-distance love is one that exists between two people who, although they are in a relationship, are circumstantially living in different places. It is a type of relationship that has always existed, but has become quite common these days, thanks to the evolution of telecommunications.

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Unconditional love

As unconditional love is called that in which the person makes a total surrender without expecting anything in return. Examples of unconditional love are, for religious, love towards God, but we can also refer to the love of a father or a mother towards a child. They are forms of love that are considered unique and special.

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Filial love


We speak of filial love in reference to that which exists from children to parents. It is a form of love in which there is hierarchy on the part of the father based on authority, respect and protection. The son loves his father, but understands that he must obey him, since he is the person who educates and protects him.

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Fraternal love

Brotherly love is that which we profess towards our brothers, but which is extended towards those who are not blood brothers, but who we feel as such. It is a relationship where equality and reciprocal love prevail. It is one of the most important forms of love in life, because once our parents are gone, the closest people we will have will be siblings.

Self love

We talk about self-love in reference to acceptance, respect, perceptions, value, positive thoughts and the considerations that we have towards ourselves. It is a feeling that we must be able to recognize and that those around us must be able to appreciate.

Day of love and Friendship

The Day of Love and Friendship, also known as Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on February 14. It is a date in which people show love to their partner or express their affection towards their friends. Dinners, romantic outings, trips or parties are organized to celebrate it.

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