Top 10 biggest YouTubers in the world in 2020

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Wondering who dominates the global YouTube platform? We have sought and collected for you a Top 10 of these influencers (Biggest YouTubers) present on the video distribution network, according to their number of subscribers. We have excluded from the ranking all singers, celebrities, public figures who have not achieved their success on the platform itself. For example, the world’s leading channel is that of T-series (122M subscribers), an Indian film production and distribution company. He is not a YouTuber per se, we did not include him in this ranking.

Biggest YouTubers list :


Biggest YouTubers

Felix Kjellberg of his real name, the Swede living in the United Kingdom has been present on the platform since 2010. He has been number one in terms of popularity and number of subscribers for a long time, even though he has fought for this. especially with Smosh from time to time. Mainly gaming YouTuber, he also likes to do little sketches, Vlogs, and has even released a book.
It has 102 million subscribers.

Dude Perfect

The channel, opened by 4 Texan entrepreneur friends, includes sport, but not only. The young men perform in their numerous videos a lot of sporting acrobatics and humor. A fairly original genre, with worked videos, that certainly explains their success.
They have 47.8 million subscribers

Like Nastya

This chain is one of many that Nastya and her family manage. Very cute Vlogs with her daughter, toy discoveries, games with her family or other children. It is the largest Russian chain.
They have 43 million subscribers.

Kids Diana Show

The channel highlights little Diana, staged playing with friends or family. Openings of toys, little stories, the little Ukrainian quickly dominated the field of YouTube channels with children.
It has 41.9 million subscribers.

Germán Garmendia is a Chilean YouTuber, the biggest in his country. Actor and musician, he posts on his channel many small sketches, vlogs, humorous posts… Very energetic, he quickly conquered a large audience. In 2013, he also opened a secondary channel focused on gaming. While he hasn’t posted on his main channel in a while, he remains one of the biggest YouTubers by number of subscribers.
It has 40.1 million subscribers.


Whindersson Nunes Batista is a young Brazilian singer and comedian. The young man has a fierce humor offers different kinds of videos to his audience. Travel vlogs, small sketches, podcasts, tickets …
It has 37.9 million subscribers.


Biggest YouTubers

Rubén Doblas Gundersen is a gaming YouTuber, among others. He plays all kinds of games; horror, war, management, independents… He also produces Vlogs videos of his travels around the world, Lifestyle, video game montages… The Spaniard is the most viewed YouTuber in his country, and remains the largest in number of subscribers.
It has 36.4 million subscribers.


Biggest YouTubers

Luis Fernando Flores is a YouTuber from El Salvador, Central America. Mainly focused on gaming, it is however quite eclectic. In particular, he offers more personal videos, with his own style.
It has 35.5 million subscribers.

Felipe Neto

The Brazilian has many hats, which he uses to deliver quality videos to his audience. Actor, comedian, writer… It offers varied and qualitative content; sketches, discoveries, vlogs, many subjects are discussed.
It has 35.4 million subscribers.

Luisito Comunica

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek is a Mexican YouTuber, mainly based on travel vlogs filled with humor and good humor. He also makes other videos on a variety of topics.
It has 28.4 million subscribers.

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