why BTS is too famous among teenagers?

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“Actresses Jungkook and Kim Seokjin” BTS (BTS) SUGA MV super luxurious

“You can’t think of it as BTS. We are actors Jungkook and Kim Seokjin.”

The video contained the shooting scene of the music video for’Daechwita’. Suga shows a variety of appearances from kings to nerds. J-Hope visited the filming site and admired that it was “cool” and showed off the extraordinary loyalty of BTS.

Jungkook and Kim Seokjin (Jin) also appeared as assistant actors. It is the completion of super luxurious casting. Jin showed the appearance of a rain, saying, “Yoongi (Suga) asks for only one come out, asks for it. The secret of casting was the loyalty of BTS.


In the music video of’Daechwita’, Suga, who showed various appearances, also showed a sword dance. He showed his hand, saying, “After knowing that there is a sword dance, I learned it two days ago and tried it. I got blisters.” Also, he showed satisfaction, saying, “It was a very interesting shoot.”

On the other hand, the music video of ‘FAKE LOVE’, the title track of BTS’s 3rd regular album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’, released in May 2018, exceeded 700 million views at 6:14 pm on May 24th. After surpassing 600 million views in October, it recorded 700 million views in 7 months, showing solid popularity.

Sharing daily life with BTS ARMY around the world

According to the broadcasting industry on the 23rd, V is currently discussing positively about joining the drama’Hwarang’, which is scheduled to be broadcast on KBS 2TV. If confirmed, it is expected to become V’s full-fledged actor’s debut.

‘Hwarang: The Beginning’ is a full-fledged youth history drama depicting the passion, love and remarkable growth of flower-like in-house galleries who traveled 1500 years ago in the Silla capital, Seorabeol, for the first time in drama history.

Previously, popular young actors such as Park Seo-jun, Go A-ra, Park Hyung-sik, and SHINee Minho were confirmed to appear and emerged as the best anticipated work of 2016. In addition, the joining of BTS V, who has risen to the’popular idol’ position, is expected to add a wealth of casting.

As evidence of such interest,’Hwarang: The Beginning’ was pre-sold to LETV, a leading media group known as the Chinese version of Netflix. It is scheduled to be broadcast on KBS 2TV in the second half of 2016.

On the other hand, V recently met viewers with actor Kim Min-jae, an actor, who is his best friend in MBig TV’s first content’Beautiful Boy Bromance’.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts V has been named in the ’10 Korean handsome actors who should definitely pay attention’ selected by a famous Japanese fashion magazine.

‘JJ’, a fashion and lifestyle magazine enjoyed by women in their teens and twenties in Japan, selected 10 handsome actors in Korean dramas and ranked Park Hyung Sik, V, and Lee Min Ho as the top three.

JJ said, “V is a handsome man with a high nose and clear eyes,” and said, “Because he has a good low-pitched vocal, you can feel the gap between your face and (a handsome man). There will be a lot of fans who will be distracted by the difference.”

V debuted as an actor through the KBS2 drama’Hwarang’, which aired in 2016, and even participated in the OST ‘Even if You Die,’ and gained great popularity among drama fans as well as K-pop fans.

At the time, CEO Park Seong-hye, the producer of’Hwarang’ said, “V came into my eyes at the time of recruiting an idol member. Because of the too busy schedule, I had to set it up to die from the beginning, but the energy of the person itself is lovely and good,” he praised V’s charm.


In addition, director Yoon Seong-sik, who directed’Hwarang’, said, “Even though it was his first acting challenge, he perfectly played the role of the youngest Hwarang Hanseong, who is cute, lovely and handsome. The innate sense and unique personality really stood out.”

V was awarded the 13th Soompi Awards’Best Idol Actor Award’ in 2018 for only one drama, and Japanese media Danmee selected V as one of the’Stars Recognized for Acting in Korean Historical Dramas’. did.

MYX, the best music TV channel in the Philippines, said, “K-drama fans are waiting for V’s new drama by’watching N times’ at the gallery. Actor Kim Tae-hyung’s comeback is urgent!” He added a photo of V as the protagonist in the drama.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Korean dramas accounted for more than half of Netflix’s top 10 popular Southeast Asian content from March to April this year amid the corona 19 (new coronavirus infection) crisis.

In particular, in the case of’Itaewon Class’, which was very popular in Japan, the local media said, “It was BTS V that spurred popularity.” Also published a report.

Actor Yoo Seung-ho received a coffee tea from Jin of the idol group BTS.
On the 27th, Yoo Seung-ho posted on his Instagram “World Star Jinnim. I will drink coffee. The photo was posted along with the article titled “Great actor Yoo Seung-ho uploaded.”

In the photo, there is a picture of Yoo Seung-ho posing in front of a coffee car next to the banner saying, ‘World Star (BTS Jin) dedicates to the great actor (Seung-ho Yoo)’.

Meanwhile, the drama “Memorist,” being filmed on the set in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, is starring Yoo Seung-ho and airs at 10:50 on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The hot fan spirit of the famous Filipino actor for BTS member V attracts attention.

On the 23rd, Philippine GMA reported that the drama’Itaewon Class’ OST’Sweet Night’ composed by BTS V was covered by famous Filipino actor Ruru Misa Madrid (23).

V’s’Sweet Night’ was released on March 13th, saying,’When Lulu wore the same outfit as that K-pop idol and uploaded a selfie, Lulunatics (a fan of Lulu) and Filipino Army requested this song a lot. Since then, it is reported that it has set a new milestone as a Korean solo artist by ranking first on over 100 iTunes Top Song Charts.


Lulu Madrid is one of the’Fanboys’ who have been using V as a role model from the past, and has often confessed her fan spirit, and on the 23rd, he released a black and white video of V’s own song’Sweet Night’ on his Instagram.

He says all thanks to my fans with the video. Thank you to all ARMYs (BTS fans) who made me feel the love. I wrote down the words “Bora Hae” to impress the fans. As a result, fellow celebrities and fans replied with comments and enjoyed leaving a purple heart, the symbol of BTS.

On the 14th, on the 14th, Lulu surprised fans by uploading a selfie with the title of BTS’ song titled’Boy with luv’ and the tiger emoticon used as V among fans on his Instagram on the 14th. have.

A fan of BTS posted this photo to the community, and V who saw Lulu’s photo left a comment. Impressed with this, Lulu is grateful to everyone who showed love and support on her Twitter. He couldn’t hide his happiness, saying that it was an honor to be compared to icons like Taehyung. GMA reported on this under the title,’Compared with Lulu Madrid V: It is an honor to be compared with an icon like Taehyung’.

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