Why I Didn’t Quit?

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I was so exhausted with my routine. Waking up at 7:00 AM, running to the office by 9:30 AM and bearing the frustrated looks of my boss. “Oh welcome, why so early? You must have arrived till 10:00. We all are your servants, no?” Getting embarrassed was a part of my working routine.
I lived far away from my office. It almost an hour’s traveling distance and I’ll be punished if my bus arrives late. Using public transport was another phase for me. While waiting for my bus to arrive, I have to bear disgusting looks by perverts roaming around.

Getting off my duty at 5:30 PM, and then running to my university. I had my class at 7:00 PM. Again, I had to wait and bear the disgusting looks of pervert until my bus arrives. I pretended like I can’t see them, and this made them even furious. They did every possible attempt so I could notice them. My bus used to drop me at the stop and then I had to walk to my university. It was an almost 20-minute walk. Spending daily on cab fare was not allowed by my budget.

By the end of the day, I used to get so tired that I had to skip dinner at times. It was a like soulless body, pleading for rest. I put my phone on charging and left it overnight to charge, I was so annoyed by the routine. I thought of quitting it, I couldn’t do it along with my university, gave it a thought, I was in no more touch with my friends. Finally, I decided to quit. However, I signed the resignation paper. Kept it in my bag and decided to submit it the next day.

Do not Quit

It was around 1:30 AM at midnight. My phone rang. I was a little astonished. Nobody used to call me, especially at late hours. I decided to sleep and not attend the call. But again, after a few moments, my phone rang. I was sure something is fishy. I got off my bed and walked towards my cellphone.

It was my old lost friend. Moreover, I furiously picked up the call. I thought something was wrong.

“Hey, were you sleeping?” she asked cheerfully.

“Of course” I replied and rubbed my eyes. I was a little annoyed, as I could sense it that it was nothing serious.

“We are coming to pick you, get ready!” she ordered

“I have my job tomorrow and then my class in…” I tried refusing

“Oh please, we all are together after so many months” interrupted my friend

“Yeah but…” she disconnected the call.

I forcefully stood up, washed my face, applied a mist, and waited for her next call.

“We are here, come down” I received a text

As I went down, they all were standing there along with a cake, foil balloons, and two large boxes of pizza.

“Whose birthday is it?” I wondered

“YOUR’S IDIOT!” my friend screamed out of excitement.

And then I realized “Oh yeah, it’s my birthday”

We had the cake cutting and enjoyed the night. I couldn’t sleep as they were at my place. But I felt very fresh. I felt like I have no problems in my life. I felt like everything getting on its track.


This is how I realized that I needed a break from the same old school routine. I was not exhausted by my boss’s attitude; instead, it was I who was trying to keep broken things together. These few hours get together made my mind fresh. I was ready to face my arrogant boss again, but I won’t quit.

Life Goes on!

This is how life is. Sometimes, you need a break. You need to distance yourself. I discarded the resignation paper. Career is very important, but your mental health is more important. Treat yourself with the best you deserve. Give yourself time. Take a day off. Spend time with your friends, family, or loved ones. It’s all going to be okay. Since then, I’ve been appreciating working. I make sure I take out time for myself and do not quit!

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