why pUBG addiction is harmful to your brain and what are the side effects of it

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why pUBG addiction is bad for your brain and what are the side effects of it

Negative PUBG Side Effects Every Gamer Should Be Aware Of

PUBG is an incredibly addictive popular online multiplayer battle royale game. However, some gamers have become hooked on this game, which is why it has become a huge source of concern for many.

PUBG is a fantastic game, but becoming addicted to it can lead to mental and physical health difficulties that you may be unaware of. So, here are the seven harmful side effects of PUBG on mental and physical health that you should be aware of.

Gaming addiction is a serious illness recognized by the World Health Organization, but what does it do to our minds and bodies? And why are some games, such as PUBG, the subject of national debates while others, such as Candy Crush, are not?

With nearly every one of us owning a smartphone, playing video games is no longer limited to those with gaming consoles or gaming laptops. Candy Crush became popular with both children and adults when it was debuted in 2014.

Wherever we went, whether on public transportation, on college campuses, or outside schools, we saw many people with their heads buried in the mobile game, sliding similar colored candies together to achieve the adrenaline rush that comes with completing a level. However, no one mentioned a Candy Crush ban because the game was not considered as dangerous. Candy Crush addiction was different since people were playing the game instead of killing their families or themselves. The number of people who have murdered themselves for the sake of PUBG is considerable, which is why the government has banned this game rather than Candy Crush.

pUBG Side effects

There are many disadvantages of playing PUBG few of them are mentioned below

It is detrimental to one’s physical health.

Sitting in one location and playing for lengthy periods of time is not healthy for your physical health. One’s tendency is to grow sluggish. In addition, gazing at your computer screen for lengthy periods of time might harm your eyesight and cause headaches.

It has an impact on your mental health.

Due to a lack of social connection, those addicted to PUBG may experience anxiety or worry in public. Furthermore, people are killing others who stop them from playing Pubg. One child in Punjab killed his mother and sister because he believed they would be alive in the morning, much like the characters in Pubg. On the other hand, one boy committed suicide because his family forbade him from playing the game.

There simply isn’t time to do anything else.

I’m sure you’re aware that a single PUBG game might take up to an hour to complete. Even if you play 5 matches per day, you would be wasting 4-5 hours per day doing nothing constructive.

Gaming addiction has been identified as a WHO-recognized health issue.
“While playing online games helps develop problem-solving skills and improves other mental capacities like focus and multitasking, too much of anything is hazardous,” says Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO, and Co-founder of Next Education India.
It was only recently in 2018 that the World Health Organisation (WHO) finally acknowledged the existence of ‘Gaming Disorder.

These are the few PUBG adverse effects that I have described. This game has been banned nearly four to five times in India and Pakistan because it has taken the lives of many innocent children and its addiction is harmful.

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