why UFC is popular In 165 Countries?

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The UFC in 2020 is a big company that often confuses fans for the name of the sport. “I’m training for the UFC” is a joke because of the term. It’s like inviting someone in the park to “play NBA” or “NFL” instead of basketball or football. MMA is a sport, but this misconception is just a reflection of how unique the UFC is. How are they in the market and how quickly are they gaining popularity?

How UFC is started:

In the first tournament in 1993, the idea was to match one fighting style with another in a tournament to see which one would be the best. Everyone is involved in karate, boxing, sumo, and boxing, but Royce Gracie the best in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Dana White insisted it should be a one-off performance. But the pay-per-view is so good that there is more to it. But it became controversial and Art Davie disagreed, saying the plan was always more of a show. Either way, it moves.


In the early days, the sport had little or no rules. You can then hit the head, pull the hair, hit the apple, and grab it, which is now illegal. There were some rules then. In fact, the UFC slogan is “no rules”. But it drives people to high altitude, and eventually, the network refuses to show up on the cable without a control pattern. In the next few dozen events, take care to narrow down this perspective. John McCarthy and the great Jeff Blatnick were the keys to changing perspectives and providing new policies seen as one. The only one in MMA that many people are used to today.

The Zuffa era:

In the early 2000s, SEG was on the verge of losses when brothers Fertitta and Dana White approached them to buy the company in January 2001 with only $ 2.1 million in sales. The whole deal seemed backward. But as lawyer Lorenzo Fertitta told him it was not worth buying. Former Nevada State Sports Commission member Lorenzo helped keep Zuffi (the leading agency) safe from penalties in Nevada.


Since then, events have continued and growth has been slow but steady, then the UFC 40, their most significant event so far, has sold 150,000 PPVs and nearly sold at the MGM Grand Arena, with more than 13,000 Tito Ortiz attendees vying for Ken Shamrock, ESPN and USA Today drew attention. Obviously, the average purchase list is 45,000. Many believe that UFC 40 saved the UFC from losses and it is. A milestone for the future

Much of that growth followed, thanks to The Ultimate Fighter, the realty company that sets up home fighters where winners receive Spike UFC TV contracts when other networks are not available. The season 1 finale is a battle between Forrest Griffin and Stephen Bonnar. The fights went well (with a score of 1.9) and it was fun for both fighters to contract, and Dana credited him with helping the UFC a little more. The coming years were as big against commercial success as attracting brand people, and in 2011 the UFC and Fox signed a seven-year agreement.

The stars are contributing:

At the end of 2012, after Dana confirmed that the women would never fight in the UFC, she finally announced that she had quit and the company had signed Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey. He remained a star in the biggest company to date, winning. Fight for seconds and earn a big mark every time they do.

In the same year, when he found out, another fighter, Conor McGregor, brought the whole of Ireland around when he first fought in the UFC with Diego Brandão, finishing him in his first 145 lbs. . Like everyone else and on the road, he defeated future champion Max Holloway, future champion Dustin Poirier, and defeated champion Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds.

Dana White insists that with the age of Ronda and Brock Lesnar retiring and Conor not fighting often, the UFC is better than ever. However, there is no doubt that stars of this type will move and there will be occasional observers if the company thinks it is the biggest and most successful.

UFC programming and broadcasting:

The UFC broadcasts to more than 165 countries and territories through more than 60 broadcast partners worldwide. For more than 1.1 billion television households worldwide in more than 40 languages, the UFC has Millennials (ages 18 to 34). Year) the most, with 40% compared to the best athlete traits.

In December 2013, UFC launched UFC FIGHT PASS®, a digital subscription service that provides exclusive live broadcasts, thousands of on-demand fights, and original content to fans around the world, positioning the digital network In the lead as a major destination for fans to wrestle

Over the years the UFC has made continuous efforts to ensure maximum safety and quality in all fields of sport. The organization seeks to break down gender stereotypes and set new standards for athlete health and well-being and is the first sports organization to provide athletes with accident-related injuries due to training injuries.

In a further commitment to athlete health and safety, the UFC partnered with the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to launch a historic and comprehensive anti-doping program in July 2015. The UFC program is the first in martial arts. Allows USADA to freely manage random trials on and from competitors. Competition throughout the year

Beginning in July 2015, the UFC launched the first athletic fitness policy, and the UFC Fight Kit, a clothing brand created in collaboration with Reebok, the UFC’s exclusive use for the world, was introduced to enhance the brand’s appearance. and Deliver high-quality equipment specially developed for MMA athletes.

In December 2015, the UFC opened a new global corporate campus in Las Vegas, along with the world’s leading UFC Performance Institute, with a focus on providing the best MMA training facilities in the World to support the scientific development of athletes and coaches, injury prevention. , rehabilitation, treatment, and rehabilitation Professional athletes

In February 2016, the UFC announced a five-year extension of the partnership with the Cleveland Clinic, along with millions of dollars in funding to further support the study of fighter brain health professionals. The study focuses on developing methods for detecting the fastest and most accurate signs of traumatic brain injury in athletes with head injuries, as well as determining which individuals are more likely to have an illness. Chronic neurological

In August 2016, the UFC took the world leader in sports, entertainment, and fashion, Endeavor, along with strategic partners Silver Lake Partners and KKR, the biggest financial gain in history.

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