Which accessories are in the trend for 2020?

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With a perfect dress, we need a perfect piece of jewelry to complete the look. Like we get a variety of different accessories for dresses, there is broader ground for accessories too. Just to clear a misconception, an accessory doesn’t mean to stick to jewelry only. Moreover, It can be a variety of bags, hats, necklaces, earrings, clutches, and a lot more. Keep reading to get transparency of the idea.

Bucket Hats:

The trend list starts with bucket hats. Bucket hats are bucket-shaped hats. These hats originated from fishermen, who use to wear it for protection. Latter the elite class adapted the idea and started carrying it with their rompers and jumpsuits. However, The optimal part is that it can be folded and fit inside a coat pocket. It is preferred for casual meetings with friends or picnics.

Bucket Bags:


A bag is essential while going out. Of course, you cannot carry your makeup, a charger, a mist, and other important stuff in your hands while going out. For this good reason, we all need to carry a bag. But why not get your hands on the trendiest ones? Bucket bags are the most trending kind of handbag at the moment. Moreover, Bucket bags are preferred for a casual get together or outing. These bags are not favorable for a formal party.


For formal get together or parties, it’s better to carry a clutch. It looks better and classy. Narrowing down the concept, a small, plushy pouch will do the job. You can either carry a little plain one or a printed one or a colored one. However, Clutches that are plain looks more elegant and voguish. Black and white colors are known for giving a graceful touch.

Statement Necklaces:

Long, thick necklaces are the trend in now. Not those dangling ones, but something which fits on your neck. This fashion is known as old school fashion, but it is in trend now.

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