3 Disgusting Drinks Around The World That You Won’t Believe

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The most Disgusting Drink Ever

I am sure today’s blog will leave your eyes and jaw wide open. This is exactly what I experienced when I came to know about this. Although everyone has their own choices and free to eat/drink whatever they prefer. But sometimes the situation gets a little-more “yeeww!” I have seen people with weirdest food combinations but the situation has never been this worst before. Today, we’ll share the disgusting drinks being consumed all around the world. Without bragging anymore, let’s get straight into the blog

Snake/Scorpion/Lizard Wine at South East Asia:

People in China and South East Asia believe that Snake/Scorpion/Lizard Wine has special healing benefits. This wine is known for its medical benefits. It is marketed as a drink for health-conscious people in the town. Snakes, Scorpions, Lizards turtles, and other animals are often mixed and served as a gift too.

Prairie Oyster: The most Disgusting Drink Ever

A drink that has been known to cure a hangover is called Prairie Oyster. The disgusting part comes when raw egg yolk is added with tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, vinegar, salt, and black pepper powder.

Apple flavored horse semen:

A pub at New Zeeland is serving a Christchurch stallion farm and each shot contains about 300 million horse sperm cells. The drink gained popularity and people enjoyed having the drink. However, it came with criticism too.

Every country has its own different cultures and is known for its native food or drink. People are free to make choices. But sometimes the situation leaves you awful with no choices like if I talk about those disgusting drinks. We respect their choices, but

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