4 Simple steps to start a home-based food venture

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This pandemic has hit very badly. The economy is in recession and people have lost their jobs. But sitting blank is not an option, neither a solution. So why not start up your home-based food venture, if you have some cooking specialties? Today, we’ll share simple ways of setting up a startup.

Social Media

home-based food
home food

It is just a myth that you need a huge team, a high budget, and a huge space for starting up your home-based food venture. No, a big no. All you need is social media. You might have cooked a few recipes before and they turned out to be finger-licking good. Share their pictures on Facebook and ask your friends to like your page. Ask them if they can encourage their friends to further like your page. This will create a chain and you might get your first order within a few hours. If possible you can add boost and get sponsored by Facebook.

Shout Outs

Shout outs play a wide role in gaining publicity. You can send free food or pay bloggers to give you a shootout on their profile. This will increase your exposure and you will get more orders. Once you have built your name in the field, you’ll get orders.

Go for Google places

home-based food

People rely on Google for almost everything. List yourself in Google places. This will increase your exposure to the public. People will be able to find you easily. This also increases your credibility as a vendor. You need a little investment to earn, but that is worth it.

Sponsor a charity event

People are emotional regarding charities. If you can host a charity event, or participate in a charity event by providing food at a low cost then it will be a win-win situation for you. This will build your name in the society and people would love to order from you.

For starting a business, is not a game of money, but the mind. If you can play well with the psyche and bring something creative in your business, it will be a bonus point. Marketing means a lot.

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