5 hottest superfoods on Instagram

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Launched in 2010, Instagram is now the 5th largest social network within the world and has quite one billion monthly active users. Among the favourite themes and therefore the most treated by the community: superfoods and “healthy food”. I suggest you come to the present success and find out the highest 5 of the foremost popular superfoods on Instagram.

How Instagram popularized super foods …
The “#healthyfood” brings together over 70,000,000 posts, making it one among the foremost popular hashtags on Instagram. Tips, recipes, and reading ideas have greatly contributed to the event of healthy eating, especially superfoods.

Spirulina, ginger, Goji berries, burn plant … are all foods with incredible nutritional richness and various health benefits. in only a couple of years, super foods became Instagram stars. This “virtual” popularization has thus made it possible to get many hitherto little known foods like acai berries, kale cabbage or matcha.

Aloe vera(Instagram Trending):

Native to Mediterranean regions, burn plant is in particular known for its use in cosmetics. it’s most frequently found within the sort of a gel, taken directly from the leaves of the plant. While it’s true that burn plant improves the sweetness of the skin, we all know less often about its health benefits. However, its medicinal properties are numerous …


Aloe vera gel contains an outsized amount of water, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This composition makes it useful for improving digestion, strengthening the microbiota (also referred to as intestinal flora), reducing blood glucose , detoxifying the body and relieving digestive disorders.

Aloe vera is consumed in gel, to combine with fruit juices or smoothies, or in juice that you simply find in organic and specialized stores or on the web .



Kale (Brassica oleracea) may be a sort of kale native to Asia Minor . This vegetable is now enjoying great success in Europe and therefore the us thanks to its richness in proteins, vitamins, beta-carotene and iron. The composition of kale may be a cocktail of nutrients beneficial to health.

Kale is primarily recognized for its antioxidant action, which protects the body from aging, for its ability to lower cholesterol levels and for its supply of vitamins A, C and K. Currently, kale is additionally studied for its potential anti-cancer effect.


The term spirulina refers to cyanobacteria or “blue-green algae” of the species Arthrospira platensis. They develop naturally in fresh and alkaline waters but also are the topic of cultivation in artificial ponds.


Spirulina is a fantastic source of nutrients. It contains especially proteins, amino acids and B vitamins, chlorophyll, minerals, and trace elements. thanks to its vegetable protein content, spirulina is extremely fashionable vegetarians and vegans. This superfood boosts, protects, and detoxifies the body, boosts immunity, lowers bad cholesterol levels, and helps with weight loss.

Spirulina is usually consumed as a food supplement, in tablets or capsules. it’s also possible to seek out powdered or flaked spirulina to integrate into smoothies, soups, salads …


Native to Asia, matcha, or matcha tea, is a stimulating alternative to “classic” tea . It takes the shape of a fine powder obtained after grinding the dried leaves of tea . This particular method of production makes matcha richer in chlorophyll, caffeine, theanine, amino acids and antioxidants than tea .

Because of this unique composition, matcha is a perfect superfood for fighting free radicals that damage cells, detoxifying the body and reducing stress. Matcha is additionally known to stop certain liver diseases and hamper the event of cancer cells.


Ginger (Zingiber officinale) may be a plant native to India, mainly cultivated for its rhizome. First utilized in cooking for its pungent and really fragrant taste, it had been later shown to be beneficial for health.

Ginger is in particular known for its aphrodisiac action. Indeed, its rhizome would promote sexual intercourse and improve libido. But these aren’t the sole health benefits of ginger. This super food is additionally anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering.

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