5 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Having a Meal

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There are few common bad food habits that people carry with them, unaware of a fact that it will affect them in the long run. Here is the list of few mistakes. If you are doing one of them after having a meal, stop now.

Do not sleep

Although after a heavy dinner, one feels sleepy and dizzy. But this doesn’t mean you should lie down to bed and sleep. The mean has neither digested. It makes one feel heavier. It can also put on weight.

Do not take a shower


Maybe your hectic routine doesn’t allow you to take a shower before, but taking a shower after a meal is hazardous. The blood around the stomach takes a tour of your whole body instead of helping indigestion.

Avoid drinking tea

Consumption of tea after a meal also affects the digestion as it is acidic, especially if you have consumed food that is rich in protein. Drinking tea over such protein can harden the protein resulting in difficult digestion.

Do not smoke after taking a meal

Smoking already has many cons for the body but dragging a cigarette just after a meal adds fuel to fire. After your meal, your body enzymes and chemicals are busy digesting the food. On the other hand, their job can get tough if you add toxic material to digest.

Do not take fruits

Although fruits are known as a favorite snack for a few people. They enjoy eating fruits after dinner while watching their favorite show. But unfortunately, fruits don’t get digest properly if you consume them after having dinner.

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