Top 9 most consumed drinks in the world

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Curious to learn more about drinking drinks? You should enjoy reading this article. Today we’re going to take a quick tour of the world’s most popular beverages. Read on to find out what are the favorite drinks of the 8 billion souls that inhabit our planet, and find out if your favorite beverage is among the most consumed in the world.

Hot drinks
The reassuring thing about global beverage consumption is that tea, coffee, and milk are also among the most popular beverages.

Undisputed stars of nutrition and dietetic blogs, hot drinks are loaded with virtues and some side effects for some. In addition, these hot drinks are also appreciated for their socializing dimension. Indeed, drinking tea with a friend or colleague allows you to quench your thirst and have a pleasant and friendly moment.



A hot beverage originating in China, tea has been consumed since ancient times. The origin of its consumption is described in several myths and traditions of the Middle Kingdom. Nowadays, tea is an integral part of the culture of many countries of the world such as England, India, China as well as several countries of the Middle East.


Coffee is also on the podium of the most consumed drinks in the world. From the statistics on coffee consumption, it is evident that its place in the top 3 of mankind’s favorite drinks will be strengthened in the years to come. Indeed, it is good to note that coffee consumption is constantly increasing all over the world.


Milk is also one of the 10 most consumed drinks in the world. In 2014, nearly 800 million tonnes of milk were produced. In France, it is estimated that 100 kilos per second, the quantity of milk or derived products consumed.


Yes, soup is also a drink and it is even one of the favorites in the world. Asians are the main consumers of soup, while in France, this consumption is estimated at 12 liters per year per person.
Most consumed industrial drinks.



Industrial sodas are among the top 10 most consumed drinks in the world. Among these drinks, coca-cola has taken the top spots in the consumption ranking for decades. They are particularly popular, thanks to their taste and the sensation of ephemeral pleasure they provide with the gas and sugars contained in their composition; two of the biggest enemies in the fight against overweight. The global consumption of coca-cola is estimated at 350 billion liters per day, which is more than 10,000 liters per second.

When you consider that this drink is competing with dozens of other brands, it goes without saying that the statistics on the consumption of soda in the world are enough to make us dizzy..

Orange juice

Let’s also take the time to say that orange juice is one of the world’s favorite drinks. Germany is the main consumer of orange juice.

Alcoholic beverages
Alcohol is also one of man’s favorite drinks. We want as proof the presence of 3 alcoholic drinks in the top 10 of the most consumed foods in the world.



Wine is one of the favorite drinks of mankind. The neighbors on the other side of the Atlantic are the main consumers of wine in the world, while world production is largely dominated by Italian and French winegrowers.


If we want to talk about the global consumption of drinks, beer is obviously essential. Humans consume around 180 billion liters each year. People in countries like Germany, the United States and the Czech Republic are among the world’s biggest beer consumers.


In the strong alcohol department, vodka is the most consumed in the world. This spirit from Russia is consumed at the rate of 5 billion liters per year

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