top 5 famous Chinese food

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Chinese Food

Today Un Voyage En China is thinking of gourmets and tackling Chinese food (gastronomy). Besides the richness of its history and its heritage, China indeed enjoys a great culinary variety famous throughout the world. Some love it, others are downright airtight, but it must be recognized that some dishes have incomparable flavors and mixtures.

Let’s go for a quick overview of Chinese cuisine with 10 typical dishes that you will inevitably find during your stay in China, depending on the region in which you find yourself.

Chinese Food list :

1- Peking duck:

The essential Peking duck is a dish very popular with foreigners passing through Beijing. Usually served with an assortment of small raw vegetables and a wheat pancake, the roasted duck is a real treat not to be missed during your stay in the Chinese capital.

2- Dim sum:

A great Chinese specialty, dim sum consists of a set of little bites steamed, sauced, baked, or fried, which are rolls filled with meat or red beans, or the jiaozi which are kinds of steamed ravioli. To consume without moderation!

3- pork with sweet and sour sauce:

This dish will delight lovers of sweet and savory. Originally from Zhejiang province, this Chinese specialty is made with small pieces of caramelized pork, vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, onions), and fruits (pineapple or peach), all accompanied by a sweet and tangy sauce. The colorful, caramelized appearance of the dish will certainly make more than one mouth water.

Chinese Food

4- Stir-fried noodles:

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to experience a Chinese meal, you couldn’t miss the stir-fried noodles. Simple to make and inexpensive, it can be accompanied by different ingredients, giving you the opportunity to eat varied and balanced. This dish by its practicality of production very quickly became popular and is now found on plates around the world.

5- Szechuan fondue:

Chinese Food

As its name suggests, this dish comes from the province of Sichuan (oh really ?!). Let the Savoyard fondue fan calm down right away, the way fondue works in China is a little different. There is no question of smelly cheese here, it is simply a matter of cooking your raw food in a seasoned broth with herbs and spices of your choice. A very balanced dish, therefore, which the Chinese adore! For the laowai that you are, it is preferable to experience this meal in the company of a Chinese who will guide you in your choices, because unpleasant surprises are not to be excluded the first time!

6- Fried rice or Cantonese rice:

Contrary to what one might think, stir-fried rice is not exclusive to Canton. This dish appreciated by all has known many variations according to the times and regions. Extremely simple to make and complete, stir-fried rice is very popular in China as well as throughout Asia (Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand …)

7- map ToFu:

Another specialty from Sichuan, often accompanied by a spicy sauce that causes a strange sensation of anesthesia on the tip of the tongue. Tofu lovers will be in heaven!

8- Beef marinated in spices:

This traditional Pekingese dish honors the shank of beef for its rubbery side. Tendinous meat is indeed highly appreciated in China. To be served as an aperitif or as a starter, accompanied by the spices of your choice. It’s a change from dry sausage!

Chinese Food

9- Won Ton – Ravioli Soup:

Won Ton is a soup made from broth and ravioli, although recipes vary by region. For example, in the South, you will often find noodles there, while in the North you can eat only vegetables (spinach leaves or dried seaweed leaves) and ravioli.

10- Jian Bing :

The Chinese pancake: Although originating from northern China, these pancakes can be eaten all over the country, especially in the street thanks to small street vendors. As with our good old Breton pancakes, the cooking is done on a crepe maker, except that they are accompanied by spices, You Tiao (a long donut very popular in China) and soy sauce. However, we could not find the equivalent of kouign-amann, sorry to the Bretons all that …

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