Top 8 best fruits for your body

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To keep a strong and healthy body, it is very important that you eat best fruits at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Only this way will you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need.

According to nutritionists, we need to consume several fruits every day if we want to take care of our health.

While all fruits are healthy, some have multiple benefits for our health.

Find out below which are the 8 most important fruits for staying healthy and replenishing vitality.

Top 8 best fruits are as follow :


Many people don’t know that avocado is a best fruits, but it really is!

It is one of the healthiest fruits we can find. It provides us with most of the nutrients we need on a daily basis.

Some people don’t use it because they think it makes you fat. However, the fats it contains are very healthy. They actually help us maintain a balanced weight.

best fruits

We can eat up to half an avocado a day to get a good amount of plant protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

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The coconut:

It is a natural wonder that is becoming more popular every day. Water and coconut meat are very nutritious foods, which also have a delicious flavor.

best fruits

With the coconut pulp, we make coconut milk, while with the fiber, we will more produce cookies or cakes.

Extra virgin coconut oil is also used as a dietary supplement, in addition to its classic uses in skin and hair cosmetics.


best fruits

Depurative and diuretic, pineapple is an best fruits for improving the digestion of fats and proteins, while preventing water retention and promoting the elimination of toxins.

It contains digestive enzymes that help us fight common health problems like stomach acid, indigestion or constipation.

It is an ideal dessert when eating meat or fish.


Papaya is a tropical fruit that provides us with digestive enzymes. It also facilitates the digestion of food.

Plus, it’s an excellent remedy for intestinal parasites. For this last virtue, it is better to consume its seeds directly.

A delicious way to consume this fruit is to mix it with pineapple and a little water, to make a delicious smoothie. You can consume it every day on an empty stomach to prevent certain inflammations of the digestive system.


The apple is the queen of fruits. Despite its apparent simplicity, it has been recommended for centuries and centuries to keep the doctor away from your home.

best fruits

This fruit is very balanced and has a regulatory effect on our body. They are found everywhere and at very reasonable prices.

The apple acts as a natural anti-acid. It also has anti-inflammatory effects on our urinary tract and our digestive system.


Citrus fruits are essential for strengthening our natural defenses and purifying our body.

Lemon, the first of them, is an essential fruit for eliminating toxins and accumulated fluids, for relieving liver and kidney functions, and above all for keeping our bodies sufficiently alkaline to prevent the onset of many diseases.

Lemon is a fruit whose rind conceals many benefits for our health, as long as it has been produced according to the rules of organic farming.


Grapefruit isn’t the most popular fruit on this list, mainly because of its complex flavor, which is both sour and bitter.

However, it is this flavor that enlightens us on the benefits of this fruit which are highly important for our liver, the organ responsible for purifying our blood of all the toxins it contains.

Grapefruit is a very effective fruit in fighting water retention and improving kidney function.

The grape:

The grape is an excellent fruit for maintaining the youth of our body. These days, grape seed oil and resveratrol are sold as true elixirs of youth.

However, it is much more economical to consume the raw fruit, with its skin and seeds, always when it has been cultivated in accordance with the rules of organic farming.

You can also incorporate it into all your smoothies.

It also has the advantage of being an excellent intestinal regulator.

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