Covid isn’t over yet. The first case of Omicron ba 2.12 1 was detected in Pakistan.

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When was omicron first noticed in Pakistan?

On Monday, 9th May 2022 Pakistan detected its first case of the Omicron sub-variant BA.2.12.1, which was tweeted by the National Institute of Health (NIH).
Here is everything you need to know about the new Covid-19 Variant.


the modified version of BA.1.

“As we enter year three of the pandemic, the virus… has modified and changed over time,” Dr Crum explained. “The major variants are named after Greek letters: Alpha, Beta, Delta, and now Omicron.”

she explained, noting that “Omicron BA.1 was the major variant that supplanted Delta and that happened over the winter months”And now we have BA.2, which is a modified version of the BA.1, which is becoming the most common in the United States,” Dr Crum explained.

Fever, cough and shortness of breath were early on identified as symptoms of COVID-19, but additional symptoms are emerging.

what are the symptoms of omicron?

“It’s possible that symptoms are so mild that people dismiss it as allergies, a case of the sniffles, or a headache from another cause,” Laura Morris, MD, family physician and COVID-19 vaccine co-chair at the University of Missouri, told Verywell.
Studies conducted early in the pandemic revealed that infections caused by circulating COVID-19 strains typically began with a fever, followed by a cough, nausea and vomiting, and then diarrhoea. This progression may aid healthcare providers in distinguishing COVID-19 from other respiratory infections.

how long do omicron symptoms last?

According to Morris, the average patient will have symptoms for about five days. Some people experience symptoms for up to 14 days. Others have no symptoms at all.

precautions to take?

As previous we would recommend everyone to clean their hands whenever they touch any objects, cover their face wear masks as much as possible and avoid social contact.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from this because we only have one life and we all should take care of it.
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