5 tips to protect yourself from extreme heatwaves

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protect yourself from the scorching heatwaves


The temperature has already reached boiling point, and the heatwaves are frightening us all. And this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it; heatstroke has been a major issue in Karachi for the past few years. This has become a major issue for this city, and the government is doing nothing to address it. Adults, infants, and the elderly are all dying as a result of heatstroke. We have seen a number of tragedies as a result of heavy traffic, Load shedding which has become a disaster for many families.

Some serious action needs to be taken on this. Government should build a lot of parks and bring some greenery into the city. This Land is covered with concrete people are cutting trees instead of installing them which causes this huge weather change in Karachi. The people of Karachi barely receive rain. We would like to thank Covid-19, for one thing, it shut down the whole world because of which there was less pollution and the people of Karachi got lucky enough to receive the rain.

If you are one of those who are cutting down mother nature then it’s our humble request not to do it.
We all should take a step and start planting small trees in front of our houses in the gardens and on the roadside. To make our city more beautiful and pollution-free for our future generation.

These heat waves are dangerous for all of us and following the tips that I have mentioned below might help you to survive these heatwaves 👇

stay hydrated💧

Consume as much water as you can. Staying hydrated can protect you from heatstroke. Because in such scorching heatwaves people sweat a lot so consuming water will prevent you from feeling dizzy and will help you to survive in this weather

cover your head

First and probably most important, do not leave your home or office at a high temperature. However, if an emergency arises and you must go out in the sun, I recommend that you cover your head with a wet cloth so that it can cover you and protect you from the scorching heat.

stay indoors

Stay indoors as much as possible during these heatwaves to stay safe. Do not leave your house if there is no light and you are experiencing load shedding try to stay in your house by washing your face, drinking water, and eating light foods. This will help you to stay to fight the heat.

eat fruits 🍒🥭

Eating fruits is good for your health and will help to strengthen your immune system so you can withstand these heatwaves. You can read about the fruits and the nutrients they provide to your body in this BLOG.

consume healthy food 🥗

In this weather, I’m sure no one wants to be fed heavy food. However, if you want to survive, you must eat. Karachi is famous all over the world for its food, particularly its Biryani and Nihari. People crave it, but in the summer, they can’t eat it because it’s too heavy. Instead, make khichri (lentils and rice) with yogurt. You can also drink healthy and light drinks like lassi and lemonade, which will help you deal with the heatwaves because they keep your body light.

In the Article by Internation, the news The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) issued a warning on Monday of an extreme heat wave across the country this week, stating that day temperatures are likely to remain unusually high in most parts of the country except Karachi due to persistent high pressure in the upper atmosphere.

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