Youth International Day 2021: Five Facts About Youth Day.

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On August 12, 2021, the world celebrates International Youth Day. This day is dedicated to helping young people overcome the challenges they face. Those aged 6 to 13 are the most vulnerable, as their brains are still in the formative stage.

Our free spirited and carefree days are not going to last. Numerous young people around the world struggle and have limited access to essential resources that can pave the way for a brighter future, which is unfortunate. On August 12, International Youth Day, these issues are endorsed.


The United Nations designated International Youth Day in 1999 with the adoption of Resolution 54/120. On December 17, 1999, the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth recommendation, and International Youth Day was established. It was first celebrated on August 12, 2000, and has since been used to educate society. Engage youth in politics and manage resources to address global issues.


Youth Conference Day – 2013

International Youth Conference 2013: August 10-August 11, 2013, preceding International Youth Day on August 12. This conference featured speakers from a variety of countries and fields of work, as well as a youth awards ceremony and spirit kindling debates and discussions. YOUTHINK, Youth Exnora, and the US Consulate General in Chennai hosted the event.


Consider reading one of these children’s stories about young activists fighting for justice, which will inspire your children to do the same in their own communities and around the world. These books contain both fictional and historical stories, as well as poetry and beautiful artwork. Click on read more for the names of the book with author names.

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Our previous blog, “Don’t let your past define your future,” posits that we should embrace the future and not on the past.” If you haven’t read it so read it now, click on link for the blog.


Facts About Youth International Day:

  1. The World Health Organization is developing global standards for health within schools.
  2. 16 million kids in the US struggle with hunger each year.
  3. Children and adolescents should do an hour or more of physical activity each day.
  4. Youth Ambassador Mohammed Assaf is a Palestine refugee and uses his music to give messages of hope to young Palestine refugees.
  5. At 25 years old Rita Kimani of Kenya is the co-founder of FarmDrive which connects unbanked and underserved smallholder farmers to credit.

Motive Of Youth Day:

Its mission is to design a better world for our children and grandchildren.

It raises awareness about poverty

It encourages creative thinking for a better future.


Youth Engagement for Global Action was the theme of last year’s International Youth Day 2020. There was a goal with this theme, and that was to capture people’s attention to the ways that young people’s participation on both the domestic and international dimensions contributes to national and international institutions and processes. To implement this, it was also prerequisite that they learn and grow on how to become more embroiled in institutional politics.

Also i would like to conclude with a message for our youth which i will also be implementing

Youth Smiles Without Any Reason. it is one of it’s Chiefest Charms.

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