8 tips for women’s self-defense

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The defense is self-defense.
Are you alone and nervous about going home? Have you got a weird atmosphere on the bus from some stranger? A lot of people have been there.

81 percent reported sexual assault, suffering, and both in their lives in a January 2018 study conducted in 1000 women across Canada.

Verbal violence is the most prevalent type, but 51% of women say it is unwantedly affected or exposed, while 27% of women survive rape.


In circumstances in which you believe your body is not healthy, even though you are never deprived. But keep your next move secure. (and in case of unpleasant incidents, what you should do to save yourself)) change all

Research of the University of Oregon showed that women who studied self-defense felt:

It has an updated plan for defense.

In the sense of possible threats or abuse, you are able to negotiate with strangers and individuals.

You have more optimistic feelings

Concentrates on the vulnerability of the attacker: eyes, nose, neck, and feet. Set out any stroke below for full impact on at least one of these zones.
When you are running, use all your strength and aggression. Let me know you’re a tough lady Use your voice and make a noisy noise to frighten the intruder and draw attention if someone is next to you.

Hammer of the blast

One of the best ways to secure yourself is to use your car key. You risk damaging your hands without using your fingernails.

But take a hammer out of one hand, if you’re unsure on a night stroll.

Economic performance:

Hold the keychain securely like a hammer, with the key stretching out from the hand side.
Press your goal. Press your destination.

Shoot of Apple

The Apple shock will give you ample strength to paralyze your assailant from the front and allow you to flee.

Economic performance:

Enhance your expertise to the best
Lift down your predominant leg and force your knee upwards.
Stretch the dominant knee, hip directly, lean and strike hard between the lower bear or ball and the elbow of the attacker.
Optional: Force the knee to the groin as the perpetrator comes too close. Ensure that you are stable and not at risk of falling.

Touch the fingertips of the heels.

It will hurt the nose or throat. Stand in action as far as possible before the intruder.

Economic performance:

For the dominant hand, bend the elbow.
Targeted the nose of the attacker by raising the nose of the attacker or pressing his throat beneath his jaw
Do not hesitate to click back. Just do not forget. A swift shot of the arm serves to throw back and forth the attacker.
This forces you to reverse the journey to escape.
An alternative: it might be rather troubling to open your ears.

Bursting Elbow

If the perpetrator hits your hand or foot and you don’t have adequate strength to smash, use your elbows.

Economic performance:

If you can, be strengthened and give yourself a powerful kick with a strong center.
Before the cocks, lean down your arms, move your weight forward, press the temples of the elbows, jaw, chin, or elbow. These are all positive priorities.
That would loosen your strike so that you can run.

Face the bow

You could be in a better place for the elbow pattern depending on how you feel when you’re first struck.

For frontal output:

Boost the elbows to the height of the shoulder.
Turn both legs and allow the hips to rotate and create a larger swing attracted to the elbow.

For efficiency, side, and back:

Make sure you see the target.

Lift the elbow and turn the second leg and turn the hip to the elbow’s back.

Leave “hug attacks”

If it arrives from behind, this turn is necessary. Emphasizes the reduction and development of release space.

Economic performance:

Shift your weight and lift it harder. Bend from the middle This also helps you to cast your elbows side by side to the chest of the attacker.
Click the elbow attacker to perform a counterattack.
This offers you the opportunity to change your face or groin in other poses. You will flee and escape in the environment created by these gestures.

Blocked hand escape

Whether the perpetrator is running in from behind and touching your side (it is like kissing, but you can’t move around freely).
Initially, the attacker’s arm does not cross at the head mark. Fire hips, on one hand, Open the hole with a slap to shoot into the crotch.

Flip across your palm and wrap your fabric around your other elbow. When you turn, keep your hands close to your side.

Kneel down, be violent, push people back before you finish.

Flee the head to the side

When an intruder holds his arms over his head on his foot, it should resist choking for the first time.

Economic performance:

Address the hand of the assault to discourage exhaustion.
Slap your genitals with your longer hand until your brain is mobile enough to toggle off it.

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