A directory of different types of watches

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I, myself is a huge fan of wristwatches. I love collecting them and wearing them along with my outfit. Recently while searching for new watches online, I discovered some amazing types of wristwatches. I decided to share the list with my readers.

Here is the directory of different types of watches

A watch that measures blood pressure

HeartGuide by OMRON is a watch that keeps a check on blood pressure and tracks other important information regarding heart health. This type of watch might alarm you before the worst situations. Under this type of watch, you need to place the gadget over your heart. Give it 30 seconds and get the results!

A watch that helps in weight loss


Woah! Another amazing invention that counts your steps. This is helpful for people trying to lose weight through walking or running. This type of watch is like a general watch that can be carried like a band in hand. It also offers different functionalities like tracking steps, distance, pace, calories burned, and sleep activity. However, functions might differ depending on the brand.

A watch that is a clone of the solar system

You might not be able to experience the solar system in real, but how about owning a watch that gives you a clone experience of the solar system. A watch that costs £538,000 makes it possible. Of course, a ridiculously expensive watch but you get what you pay for. The watch gives the experience of a solar system.

Battery-less Watches

There is another watch innovation in the list that doesn’t need a battery to be operated. Instead, it uses the kinetic energy generated by the movement of the wearer. The only con of this type of watch is that it needs attention. If you are not wearing it, it won’t get enough kinetic energy and stop working.

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