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Pets Cost


“It’s not easy to talk about money. How much should we spend on healing, saving an animal? Or just to feed him? A young man deprived himself of a vacation to pay for the 3,000 francs he cost to remove a tumor from his dog. A woman, a friend of pigeons, pays 3,500 francs each month to acquire seeds which she distributes to her protégés. And what else to think of this owner of parrots who spends 600 to 700 francs a month to maintain them? Before this immersion, I might have been shocked by these costs. After being around these people, I realize the importance of connection. “

D for mourning


“The notion of death is very present because many owners come to euthanize their animal. These are terrible times. There was this lady who could not mourn her cat and often returned to the office for trivial reasons. I also remember an Italian couple getting ready to have their pussy pricked. The husband was utterly silent, as the lady kept talking. Heart touching. Losing an animal is real mourning. When you’ve lived with a dog for almost twenty years – or forty-five for a turtle! – it’s a missing family member. And sometimes, it’s the only companion in life. How, then, not to mourn him? “

E for education

“Education is a big business. An elderly lady had a completely untenable 2-year-old dog. She was being yelled at by joggers and cyclists and, just like overwhelmed parents, wondered what she had done wrong. There are also the owners who admit sleeping with their dog or their cat. Or who let them get on the table, eat their meal. Or this grandma who arrived with a rooster to give him injections so that he sings less loudly! Without forgetting this owner who presents her dog as a “Guarde”. Noise is often a matter of contention. Sometimes the teachers laugh about it, sometimes less. “

J as a joust

“Lines on the ground separate potentially challenging animals. Some owners do not enter the waiting room if other animals are already there. The competition can be fierce, the masters are at bay. ”

M for abuse

“The stories of people recovering abused animals are classic. More than the circumstances of animal suffering often kept secret by the SPA, SOS cat, etc., it is the care given then, very dear, which is detailed by the saviors. No doubt to enhance oneself. But also to take offense at human cruelty. Like this lady telling that rat poison dumplings are scattered in parks to poison dogs. The discussion also revolves around laboratory dogs who are given a second life. Each time, outrage dominates. “

P for pigeon

“I find pigeon enthusiasts very poetic. This little lady who identifies with pigeons. Like them, she feels rejected and unloved. She spends a lot of money feeding them, but even more so, I am fascinated by the solidarity of these defenders who gather at night too, like burglars, scatter the seeds on the sly. It is a very special community that tries to rehabilitate an unloved animal. “

R for cancer sniffers

“I first imagined a fable, but after checking with the Institut Curie in Paris, which is also investigating this subject, I gave credit to this lady who says that her dog Sydney sniffed at her pancreatic tumor before it manifested. There are many cancer detection dogs. ”

Z for zoo

“Zoo for the spectacular side of the animals. Just look at the success of cat videos on the internet. In fact, in the waiting room, a screen shows a montage of several of these animal videos, and the expressions of the masters watching them are astonishing. The emotion in front of a mother monkey who cradles her baby. The admiration of a dog who manages to climb a ladder. Laughter at the acrobatics of cats … Zoo also for NACs, these new pets, from tarantulas to snakes, that a young man claims to find in the street! Finally, the zoo is still the human zoo, this frequent resemblance between the master and his companion in life. No cage, but a real mirror. “

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