Soccer Super Star

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Along with real brave human rights defenders, people with honor and conscience who give their time, health, and life to form the planet more civilized, there are professional warriors “for all good”. Hypocrites are especially active when funding is out there. It seems that for a few people in FIFA and UEFA it’s more profitable to “fight” racism on the pitch forever than to win. Soccer Super Star plays a vital role in Europe.

Yes, there’s no ready-made solution with stands. don’t remove from the stadiums everyone who wants to shout obscenities of any nature. for instance , use mats next to the kid within the sector. But there’s a neighborhood of the matter that they decided to exploit within the course of the scandals. Another excess occurred within the match between PSG and Marseille. Alvaro Gonzalez called Neymar, he flared up. A scuffle began. And what’s significant – the dark-skinned Marseille players supported the provocation.

Soccer Super Star

The tribe clothed to be more important than adherence to principles. But this is often as boring because the statements of Dynamo Kiev fans that they hoot within the name of saving rare owls. Enough to speak nonsense, it is time to shut the question a minimum of on the sector .

Soccer Super Star cannot be political

Another reason to act rather than chewing snot. it’s correct to be political if you’re a personal person, because politics is that the quality of your life, loved ones, children and grandchildren. it’s clear to each adult who isn’t a stupid . there’s no position – consider it, amoeba. But when it involves global football, political apathy is inevitable.

There are too many problems within the world. If the players plan to participate in one political action, on what basis do they ignore the rest? for instance , Syrian civilians, who are simultaneously killed by mercenaries and armies of dozens of nations within the world, aren’t in the least supported by football. Only Ozil stood up for the Uighurs, whom the party in China doesn’t favor – Arsenal fears him just like the plague.

Double standards are inevitable, because if football becomes human rights, then you would like to reply to all or any prominent agendas – to not take loot , boycott regimes that are guilty of war crimes, oppose contract killings, support protests against dictators. But is that this the work of football players? Not. So we get a fashion. Some protests are fashionable, and a few are being killed now, but the players don’t care.

It is impossible to defeat everything bad on Earth by sports, therefore football should be legally apolitical from the within. the surface will always be a neighborhood of massive politics, but specifically, football players would do more useful for the planet, supporting, for instance, the worldwide action against violence. Men are watching football, so let their idols concentrate on the important mass disaster. you’ll find sponsors for those that are involved within the rescue of specific women and their children.

Abstract equality and brotherhood are the lots of fighters “for all good.” The police recently killed a person again within us, but nobody is kneeling within the nautilus anymore. Not fashionable anymore, have you ever already defeated racism with action on the network?

Neymar and Di Maria are going to be punished vainly

Imagine that you simply aren’t a Caucasian. Soccer Super Star visited play football with friends, and one among the opponents shouted to you: “Shut your mouth, f * monkey.” what’s your reaction? Punching within the face is a clear answer on the road, because such everyday racism may be a manifestation of complexes and weakness, a bully must be immediately taught a lesson.

Soccer Super Star

And in football , racism comes right down to expecting your red card for your reaction. for instance , Alvaro Gonzalez, who called Neymar, wont to humiliate Messi playing for Espanyol – he showed Lionel his height together with his hand and verbally touched him. Pure provocation, nothing more.

Alvaro knew exactly what he was doing – he pissed Neymar out intentionally. Moreover, Soccer Super Star first creates a game, and if Neymar really punched him, then it immediately began: “They answered me illegally, I’m innocent, punish the opposite side.”

Less often it happens that’s not profitable

The solution is on the surface. we’d like mandatory monetary fines prescribed altogether contracts of professional players on the earth. and that they are huge, within the amount of a salary for 6 months or a year. And a crucial nuance – the cash won’t remain within the clubs, it must be transferred to the event of children’s football. The team will suffer too.

Why can we see such provocations? there’s a loophole within the law – insults are punished in parallel with punishments for reaction. It means while it’s profitable. “Marseille” beat PSG, then the Parisians are going to be left without Neymar, Paredes and Di Maria. Plus, the instigators are punished weakly, as we all know from the history of the Chilean Hara, that he allowed nasty things, but came out dry.

At an equivalent time, FIFA and UEFA can prepare a rule out each day which will oblige to incorporate a compulsory clause within the contracts of all professionals within the world of football. Financial leverage will work 99.9% of the time. Soccer Super Star Take Suarez’s case. He loved to bite, practiced often, over, and once again. And in Barcelona for all the years, even Bartomeu has not bitten. this is often because there’s a difficult contract.

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