Everything you need to know about the UEFA Champions League.

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Champions league

The Champions League takes place in the new European Cup format and was played for the first time in the 1992-1993 season. The Champions League was recognized as the most prestigious club tournament in Football after the Champions League became more popular with the introduction of the systemic group of minor leagues. The new concept is very similar to the FIFA World Cup, with the first stage of the team game followed by a knockout round. The tournament was extended several times to many clubs – the first 8 became 32 (not counting the qualifying stages). Champions League trophies can be permanently held by clubs that have won five or three games. Sequential hours (Due to a change of rule in 2008, this is just a copy) It is almost as popular today as the FIFA World Cup trophy.

history of UEFA Champions League:

If competitions before the European Champions League have not been counted since 1992, though when statistics for the Champions League are presented, it is common for the Champions League and European Leagues to accumulate.

What separated the Champions League from the European Cup was the multi-group drama rather than the Round-Robin format, but it is true that the group stage was announced in 1991, but ‘the makeover changed. Official Name Change In the development of the competition, a hybrid style of team and gameplay was formed.

So far, the tournament is dominated by some of the best clubs in Europe and many fantastic wins. Porto’s success in 2004 was perhaps the biggest surprise. One possible feeling is the Nantes 1995-96. He almost beat Juventus in the semifinals (losing a total of 3-4 points). If Dynamo Kyiv won in 1998-99, it would be possible. He is considered exciting In the semi-final they only scored one goal against Bayern Munich. Two years later, Lee reached the semifinals. But at the time it was not close to Valencia’s win, Villa Real was another unknown club seen in the final stages of their biggest competition. In the semifinals in 2006, they only scored one goal against Arsenal.

Second best Juventus (3), Milan (3), Bayern Munich (3) and Atletico Madrid (3), Manchester United, Balen. Zia and Liverpool also lost more than one final.

Along with league and European Cup champions, Real Madrid remains the most successful club with 13 events (6 and 7 respectively in the European Cup and Champions League).

International comparisons show that Spanish clubs are the most successful in the history of the Champions League. (About the period 1992-93. Until 2018-19.)


The biggest share of the win between HJK Helsinki and Bangor City took place in the second qualifying round of 2011–12. If we exclude the qualified method, the maximum goal difference is eight competition goals. Liverpool-Besiktas (2007-2008) and Real Madrid-Malmö FF (2015-2016) if only the finalist is considered, their biggest victory in the final was in 1994 when Milan beat Barcelona four times. 0

Formats and teams to join:

Champion league

In the first issue (1992-1993) the competition featured 8 teams after a selection period. Each of the eight teams plays in two groups, followed by the finals between the first season winners, a total of 36 clubs participating in qualifying matches as the number increases.

In the third edition of the Champions League (1994-1995), the tournament was extended to 16 teams (without qualifications). The format consists of 4 group stages followed by three knockout rounds.

In the 1997-1998 season, it expanded into 24 teams (which did not qualify), a combined group stage of six teams, and then a three-stage round.

During 1999-2000, the tournament was extended to the third time and now includes 32 teams (without qualifications). Teams are divided into eight groups, followed by the first and second stages of the final group. First confrontation

During 2014-2015, the second phase of the group was canceled. But instead, the second stage (the eighth final) is played.

Are there any new rules for this year’s finals?

The only one from last year’s contest was the integration of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, which has been in use since the 16th contest this season.

Three teams in the video operating room will use the video replay to review the judgments of the judges in the field.

The Judge’s decisions can be reviewed in two ways: The VAR team can advise couples or referees to request a review by the VAR team and then give the referee the opportunity to change their decisions in accordance with their recommendations. VAR or after watching video image via field monitor.

Four types of decisions can be verified using VARs: targets (and crimes committed for them), penalties, red cards, and fake card reward data

Where can I watch the final UEFA Champions League: online or on TV?
Viewers from the UK will be able to watch the final Champions League on BT Sport. The show gives members the opportunity to watch the live stream of the Champions League via BT TV, Sky, Virgin Media, and TalkTalk. It is also possible to stream the game live on the website, through the app, and on YouTube.


The previous UEFA Champions League and European Cup have been competing since the 1955-56 season.

At that time, there were royal members, surprised surprises and confusion, added to the legend of the current competition in the world club. After 63 years, many clubs have been recognized as competitive. But there are also champions who can surprise modern observers.

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