Top 5 ways to choose your Hair Color

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The secret of feminine beauty is hidden in many details, including the color nuances of the eyes and hair. For many women, choosing the right hair color for her skin tone or eye color is a real headache.

This is why we present you with some tips and tricks for choosing the ideal hair color and creating your own identity once you decide to change your hair color.

Some Important Updates in Changing Hair Color

Hair Color

Changing the hair color calls for a few aesthetic rules. The most important rule in this regard is not to opt for a 180 ° change. This means that for a first try, you absolutely must not switch from blonde to brown and vice versa.

The ideal would be to switch from a dark shade to a slightly darker color, but not to the extreme. Thus, a blonde woman can dye herself in chestnut or in darker chestnut tones … but should avoid hair follies (green hair, black locks, etc.)

Also remember that it is usually difficult to go to the extreme and then return to your natural shade.

No way! Frankly, you risk breaking the capillary mood in your head.

A sudden switch to a diametrically opposite shade often leaves a poor rendering. Only a hairdressing professional can carry out such a makeover without leaving traces that would reveal the subterfuge.

Going from blonde to brown (or black) takes a lot of care and the best place to do it is at your regular hair salon.

To do this, the hairdresser must pre-color once or twice, because the color does not stick automatically.

However, you can present a few look photos of celebrities you admire for their hair to your hairdresser, and ask them what color would look best on you. Choose preferences for his advice and the products he recommends, you probably won’t regret it.

Hair Color

Regarding the combination of hair color and skin tone (skin tone … even lips), there are no very precise rules for a perfect choice. We often see women with very pale complexions opting for a very dark hair color and pulling off this blow job while others would not.

Likewise, some women with dark skin or who tan easily in the summer choose a light hair color and the result is simply stunning.

In addition, there is post-coloring care to be given to your hair once the hair color change has been made.

On the other hand, for naturally red-haired women, it is possible and easier to go for blond or shaded red hair. Why not bring some auburn highlights to bring out your daring?

What hair color for a woman with hazel eyes?
The hazelnut color of your eyes is more accommodating to tone-on-tone, that is to say, it would be better to opt for brown or brown hair.

Of course, warm colored hair is even better suited to highlight the color of your eyes and give you a lovely cheerful look.

Thus, caramel or whiskey colors are preferable, at the limit light brown. From then on, get used to being complimented on your beautiful eyes!

However, if you want to go deep in this process, adding copper or gold highlights to your new hair will bring more contrast. This gives a little touch of originality to your hair style.

Advantages and disadvantages of permanent coloring

Hair Color

Permanent hair color requires a lot of care and delicacy in its use. It is actually a combination of oxygenated water and ammonia, two elements that can be real aggressors for your hair at doses that are poorly considered.

Especially if you are a woman with sensitive hair, entrusting your hair to a hairdresser-colorist would save you a lot of inconvenience such as odd hair or allergies.

Many women prefer permanent hair color because it is the only one that can cover all of their gray hair.

Likewise, it has the advantage of making it easier for those who wish to radically change their hair color, for example, from brown hair to blonde hair, and vice versa.

The hairdresser will just have to bleach the hair, then cover it with the desired coloring.

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