3 Quarantine Things you should avoid; COVID-19

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Life might not turn away normal in the near future. However, I’ve been noticing a few mistakes people making during this quarantine that might have hazardous effects in the end. So in today’s blog, you’ll get to know about things that you shouldn’t be doing during the quarantine. 

quarantine corona

Do not catch up with your ex during the quarantine
Remember the reason you guys break up? Maybe the other person was toxic or either cheating. Although we have plenty of time and got nothing to do. But speaking again to your ex will get your depression, and nothing else. 

Do not overeat during the quarantine

Getting bored is directly proportional to overeating in maximum cases of corona virus; at least in mine. Moreover, my day begins with watching series and ends at setting up movies for the next day. So what I do is grab something high in fiber, but low in calories, like roasted black peas. Whenever I crave something, I start eating them. It makes me feel full. Moreover, I keep a jar full of roasted black peas near me. So whenever I watch a movie, I eat them with intervals.

You shouldn’t be sticking to your phone during the quarantine

quarantine corona

We all have a super busy routine in non-quarantine days. We remember everything, except spending time with our family. Although quarantine has left us with the worst consequences we can use it as an opportunity to spend time with our family in this COVID-19 pandemic. If you don’t have a great bond with your parents, you may make one during this period. Sit with them, talk to them, listen to their perspectives, share your point of view, and catch with them. 

Do not oversleep during the quarantine

Don’t let this quarantine go unproductive. Even if you have nothing to do, download an e-book or order it online. Start reading it. Oversleeping can put on weight. Moreover, it also gives birth to diabetes and heart diseases. Taking a good 8-hour sleep is healthy and much needed. But misuse of anything leads to harmful consequences. 

Download some informative movies, read some books, find a freelance opportunity. Do anything you are good at. But do not forget to keep yourself safe. Sanitize your hands, wear a mask whenever you go out, and wear gloves. Stay safe should be your priority. If you are using a laptop of cellphone continuously, then don’t forget to wipe germs off the devices. 

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