5 Household Items That You’ve Been using Wrong

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We all have our own peculiarities when it comes to our houses. If it’s folding clothes or filling a dishwasher, you’re definitely looking at your way in the “right” way. Although as it turned out, there are a lot of things in the house that we’re all likely using wrong.

Look at the list below and find out whether you’re guilty of misusing any of these household goods.

1. Breadboard


If any one of your kitchen came with a wooden pull-out table designed into the countertop, you undoubtedly thought it was a cutting board for the chopping and slicing of the ingredients when you prepare.

However according to Country Living, such pull-out cutting boards were once recognized as “breadboards.” The initial intention was to stretch the countertop so that there was space to knead bread. You could use this to slice the bread. But chop vegetables? Nope.

Although you might not be doing a ton of bread kneading (unless it happens to be your pandemic hobby), it’s not a smart decision to use the original boards for cutting. They were not really built to hang on that much wear and tear, and moisture could cause warping and mould. Rather, try replacing yours with a new maple variety that is naturally antimicrobial and stands up to knife scarring.

2. Oven drawer

The cabinet under your oven is a perfect place to store inelegantly shaped kitchen products, such as baking sheets and pans. Except that drawer has a special purpose and It might not be storage at all.

You’re going to have to search for a few hints to figure out its intent. If your oven has a “warming cabinet” arrangement, that’s just what you’ve got. You could use this area to keep the food warm or heat the dishes as you finish cooking your dinner.

If this element appears more like a large pan than just a drawer, it’s actually the broiler of your oven. You should use this to toast or brown food before serving. Usually, broiler stoves are found on gas ovens.

3. Plunger

The plunger standing beside your toilet in case of an emergency, ahem, is certainly not the best one for the role. The standard household plunger with a red, bell-shaped cup is actually intended for the unclogging of sinks and bathtubs.

Using this sort of plunger is not going to be that useful on toilets. You need to have a particular toilet plunger for this work, that has a flange at the ends that fits nicely into the opening, as Popular Mechanics claims. You can use a bellows plunger, that has an accordion-like built that makes good water displacement while plunging.

4. Ceiling fan

Although a large part of the world still has cold weather, the ceiling fans have their place. In reality, ceiling fans are built for year-round use, helps you save on electricity bills. What you have to do is change the way it’s going to rotate.

You should adjust your fan to move clockwise in the winter. This pushes air up to the ceiling, displacing the hot air that has increased and bringing it down to the floor and walls. Hold it at the lowest speed to avoid any cooling of the wind.

During summer, The fan must move clockwise to increase the flow of air and generate a breeze.

5. Cellphone charger

Mobile phone batteries tend to fail at the most unfortunate moments. You possibly leave your phone connected to the charger overnight to make sure you have a good charge the whole day. However, doing this might potentially make your phone’s battery less powerful.

It isn’t possible to overcharge your cellphone battery. But having it plugged in as soon as it hits 100% triggers something known as a “trickle charge.” When the phone normally drops a bit of charge, the charger holds on top of it to keep the battery full. This puts the battery under strain, contributes to higher ambient temperatures for your phone, which can reduce the power over time.

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