4 weird holiday traditions around the globe

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some weird holiday traditions around the globe

We’ve explored some of the strangest holiday traditions that are observed all throughout the world below.
In this globe, there are numerous religions and beliefs. People from all over the world live and celebrate their festivals in accordance with their faith and customs.
Some of them are mentioned below.


Christmas is celebrated all around the world with trees, cakes, sweets, and most important Santa belly full of candies and gifts for children.
But this is not how Europeans celebrate their Christmas, most of the European countries offer an evil counterpart to St. Nick, a supernatural creature tasked with punishing disobedient children in various ways, ranging from laying lumps of coal in their Christmas stockings to beating them with a wooden switch.

These wicked alter egos are legacies from ancient times that have been combined with Middle Ages traditions. Green explains that when the Normans invaded England in 1066, they installed a red-robed pretend king — the Lord of Misrule — to guarantee that Christmas was celebrated in an ancient manner.

Krampus is the bad cop to Saint Nicholas’ good cop, and bad children are threatened with whippings with birch sticks from Krampus, or even being tossed into his basket and hauled away, but good children are rewarded with presents and candy. Get to know more about this festival here KRAMPUS.

kentucky fried chicken- japan

4 weird holiday traditions around the globe

For millions of Japanese citizens, the Christmas supper is a bucket of KFC rather than turkey or ham.
Christmas is not a religious festival because the majority of people in the country do not identify as Christian, but it is a joyous secular event nonetheless.
This absurd habit is the result of a 40-year-old marketing strategy in which the fast-food business successfully persuaded potential customers that fried chicken is the traditional American holiday feast. Colonel Sanders statues outside Japanese KFCs are dressed as Santa Claus in the weeks leading up to the holiday, and the chicken is served in special Christmas packaging.

radishes, mexico

When you hear the word “Christmas,” you immediately think of radishes, right? In Oaxaca, Mexico, December 23rd is the Night of the Radishes.
This intriguing custom involves the carving of gigantic radishes into complex displays.
It dates back to colonial times when the Spanish brought radishes to this area of Mexico noted for its wood carving skills. Shop owners like to entice consumers with radish carvings, which is the most Christmas-y thing we can think of.

la tomatina

The bizarre food-fighting event of La Tomatina originated in 1945, although its origins are unknown. Locals have a variety of ideas, including the widely held belief that furious citizens attacked city councilmen during a local festival.

The festival is now conducted in honor of St Louis Bertrand, the town’s patron saint, and the Mare de Deu dels Desemparats (Mother of God of the Defenceless).
The majority of visitors come for the day, taking the morning train from Valencia and returning in the afternoon. Stay for the week-long La Tomatina celebration, which includes music, dancing, parades, and fireworks, if you want the complete La Tomatina experience.
The night before the fight, a paella cooking competition is held in which ladies customarily wear white and males do not wear shirts at all.

It is recommended that you wear old clothes and shoes, as well as a pair of goggles to protect your eyes, during the fight. A change of clothes is recommended after being hosed down with water, however, the warm Valencia weather will have you dry in no time.

These are just a few of the weird traditions which I have shared with you in this article. If you want to know more click on the button Holidays Tradition.
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