10 Photos of china that shows how crazy and different it is from other countries

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what makes china different from the rest of the world?

China has been named one of the world’s top five tourism destinations. China is unlike any other country, with its diverse cuisine, massive structures, and rich culture. You don’t know a lot about them, from their excessive eating habits to their fascinating technological achievements. These photographs will demonstrate that living in China is unlike anything you’ve ever known.

A Wide Range of Flavors


What makes China different from the rest of the world is its food. China is most known for its cuisine.

In China, people eat everything that moves. Yes! you heard it right, they eat everything including Worms, Insects, Lizards, octopuses and so on. Probably all the living creatures on this Planet Earth are served on their plates and they enjoy having it.

pyjamas are the new trend

People in China are free to travel wherever they wish in their pyjamas. Pyjamas are a popular choice among Chinese citizens. PJs are not known in China as “Effortless Dressing,” as they are in other nations. This is actually a trend in China.

This trend, in my opinion, should be adopted by everyone around the world. what do you guys think? 

Geese Police

Prepare to quake in your boots if this game has instilled a strange dread of geese in you. Geese are part of the night patrol in China, where they are assigned to catch burglars. Not only that, but the army also has almost 10,000 mail delivery pigeons.

Urine-Infused Eggs

One of China’s most popular foods is the centenary egg. Before being wrapped in rice husk and straw, a fresh chicken egg is liberally coated in tea, ashes, salt, lime, and clay.

It is then buried for three to four months under the soil. Tóngz dàn is another popular dish. The vendor will go to elementary schools and collect urine from young males who have not yet reached puberty (under the age of ten). After that, the eggs are boiled in the urine for a whole day.

Isn’t it just gross?

Facebook and Google do not exist in China.

Facebook is unknown to the Chinese. There’s also no Google there, which means no access to the popular search engine’s services like Google Maps, Gmail, or YouTube. When it comes to loading apps, Android users have a lot of problems.
Facebook and Google were banned after some debate in 2009, and the prohibition hasn’t been removed since. Meanwhile, they’ve discovered new communication methods, such as WeChat. Prepare a VPN ahead of time unless you’re willing to spend a few days in social isolation, to learn more click here.

ghost town

The housing arrangements of the people are an unusual mix. While more than 30 million people live in vast homes and flats, the others are cramming their entire lives into closet-sized apartments.

Huge ghost cities can be found in the midst of this. According to various estimates, there are around 64 million abandoned skyscrapers that have never been occupied. The most well-known ghost town is the Ordos.

iron discipline in the army

If you’ve ever seen a Chinese military parade, you know how impressive they are. It’s quite satisfying to watch tens of thousands of people move in perfect unison.

To acquire this degree of skill, the soldier must undergo hours of hard training, including marching with a bottle of water on top of their head or a needle pinned to their collar to ensure they keep their head high. The Chinese Army is currently the world’s largest armed force.

enter railway station by showing tickets and passports

Another crucial point to remember is that you cannot enter the railway station merely by showing your ticket; you must show both your ticket and your passport. Before moving on to security, you must wait in line to have your credentials examined.

Although this takes some time, the residents have grown acclimated to this way of life. For newcomers who have recently arrived in China, it is best to plan ahead of time; otherwise, you may arrive at your destination late.

Public transportation is excellent

China’s public transportation system deserved far more appreciation than it now receives. In this country, transportation is reliable, and you can even hail a bus to practically any location. However, there is one issue: most buses and subway lines shut down early in the evening.

In Shanghai, for example, the metro suspends all operations at 10:30 p.m., but you may use a taxi, which is a cheaper option.

tipping isn’t cool

While tipping is traditional in most cities’ restaurants, it is not common in China and might even be considered disrespectful.
When participating in tour-related activities or staying at a hotel, tips are usually exclusively offered.

These are the reasons why China is considered different from the rest of the world.

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