How To Stay Positive During Hard Times?

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Suffering is a part of life and every individual needs to go through hard times. The ups and downs of life reveal true friends but you need to stay positive. However, at times we fail to stay positive and give up on life. Few people believe that peak and valleys are very important for an individual to groom. Failing doesn’t matter; all that matters is to stand up, dust off the clothes, and come back with even stronger dedication.

“There is no success without hardship–Sophocles”

I know, it is easy to say but difficult to act on. Today we’ll share a formula to stay positive during hard luck. It is very easy to stay positive if you follow these following guidelines.

Realize it’s just a phase


It might be your breakup, a huge financial loss, or a betrayal by a friend. Always remember that it is just a phase. Like we have a bright day after every night, in the same way, you will have a shining day after a dark and lonely night. You just need to take a deep breath and realize that it will be soon over. Remember a famous saying; “It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. There would be no rainbows without sunshine and rain.” Your hardships are your test. 

Focus on good things: Stay Positive as much you can

There is always a little good in bad. For example, during COVID; although people are house arrested and can’t step out of their homes. But this is a good opportunity to spend time with family perhaps. The same goes for the general situation. Try finding out the positivity within the negativity. Once you are successful in doing so, your heart won’t ache anymore!

Think of the betterment

Think of the positivity. Maybe if you loosed a friend, perhaps it was for your betterment. If you lose a job, this might be because another fruitful job was waiting for you. Look at the other side of the situation. Make a perhaps-list for yourself. 

Try distracting yourself

The best-proven way to stay positive is that you do not think about it anymore. This can be done if you distract yourself from the situation. Grab your incomplete novel and continue reading. Visit a library and pick out a book to read. Plan a tea get together with your friend. 

We all go through ups and downs, and that is life. Your hard times come to teach you a lesson. You get to know about your real and fake friends. Try staying calm in the situation. You will find out who is there for you. 

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