4 Inventions That Will Make You Ponder

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Inventions have made our life easy. But few are jaw-dropping inventions that will make you wait and ponder for a while. The inventions are like out of the box thing. You couldn’t imagine it before. Let’s get started with the list.

Scribbling pen:

A scribbling pen is an amazing invention for artistic minds that loves to doodle. The built-in sensors of the pen capture or detect any color that it is exposed to. If you expose it to mango, it will detect the yellow mango color. It further comes with multiple drawing tips that give you a wide range of stroke styles.

3-D Printing Pen:


You must have heard about love is in the air. But have you ever heard drawing in the air? No, right? But the invention of 3D printing pen has made it possible. The core purpose of this pen is to create or draw sculptures, but innovators may use it as they want. One keeps on drawing and it creates a 3D art. Ah-mah-zing, no?

Throwable Panoramic camera:


I’ve been always very careful with my DSLR, incase if it drops, it’s over. I could never imagine throwing a camera into the air. My heart skipped a little when I heard about a throwable panoramic camera. The camera comes in round, ball shape. It has minute cameras installed in it. Once you throw it in the air, it captures the images until it reaches the peak. Do you know the most jaw-dropping part? The pictures ain’t blurry or non-focused.


We all are fed up with high electricity bills. But we are helpless. However, a genius mind invented a natural fridge, that keeps the food fresh or cool for a longer period. It is a clay fridge that doesn’t need any source of electricity.

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