The power of humanity

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Humanity is a species that

The original definition of humans defines beings called gay by biologists, or intellectual humans, which tends to be vocabulary, logic, creativity, and invention separate from all other creatures. Biology and evolution usage of these terms implies “humanity” and acknowledges humans as an existence that is separate from most animals and plants’ living conditions.


Human influence is much stronger than the power of the non-human universe. This is primarily because our minds are continually creating and evolving tools and technology, which suggests that we have come to influence all over the world and that our creativity has influenced the religious and political ramifications that we profit from. Competitors and activities of culture

An growing aspect of man is the compression of time sources and the collapse of background, which started with radio and television. Any of our children will communicate and hear hundreds of positions simultaneously on a virtual hologram or human drone. They will speak all languages, travel through space quicker than we do, and survive forever on Earth and in space, due to biological and AI advances, our robots will achieve a new degree of autonomy, where human-made machines are also adapted to master advanced new type technology. And life away from the animals.

All this means that as a result of a revolution in computer interaction, the influence of humans as a culture will quickly expand, which will bring a new form of hybridization outside our present imagination. Our human power is going to be stronger. So how can we use mankind’s modern strength and our wisdom? In other words, in our modern hybrid humanity, what about the ethics of our conduct?

Humanity as conscientious action

We have now entered the second concept of morality, which is used to define those universal principles which we find in all humanity as kindness and mercy for one another. This second concept can therefore be interpreted as human goodness[1]. This humanity is the fundamental concept and our primary aim in the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement and can be summed up as follows from 1965:

“Prevent and minimize human suffering wherever it is to) protect life and health and respect people”

For all Red Cross and Red Crescent workers, wherever they are in the world today, this human concept is the cornerstone. Whoever avoids what they do, whether they donate blood to a major city or assist with a conflict or a tragedy or bargain with a diplomat of the United Nations Security Council and why are they doing it? “I try to protect life and health and respect my country.” They should all clearly respond.

We will have less time to think about what humanity is in the standard of human behavior and operation in an unnatural and animal environment. In an inhumane, unprotected or reckless life, our human acts will today be highly inhumane.

Whose emotions are they seeking to ask for identity, with all this lack of conviction over what it could mean to be human in the future and our continuing record of being cruel to each other and to inhumane life? An environment like thousands, live?

Mankind as the identity of the world

Over the past 200 years, the third sense of humanity has increasingly defined a unique global identity in every human society. It is not a simple biological identity. Rather, the idea is that we, as conflicting beings, can and should create a single global political identity in which everyone is involved. Global identity is a meta-identity beyond the minor identities formed by culture, nation, class, political thought, and religion.

The goal of this unique political humanity is to create a “person” who can share racial awareness, while a group shares the “home” of a planet and works together on common problems and common opportunities to achieve these. Face all humanity

The global political sense of unity is experiencing oppression today, as the broader policy of nationalism and economic nationalism express all kinds of skepticism towards globalization. Because of this political change, many people are asking national politicians to think


Of course, the Humanity Project has no religious perspective. We allow each person to decide for themselves. But we believe that this firm belief in the progress of mankind, whether religious or spiritual, has tremendous benefits for individuals and society. A true belief in human values ​​and development is a belief in the importance of all people. Thoughts are inseparable: Mankind is individual, and their success is nothing more or less. People in the present as well as in the past and in the future. And a sincere belief in the equal value of each other automatically means that we should all believe in our own worth as individuals. On the other hand, it promotes self-confidence and a sense of well-being that produces health, success, and a desire to help others … in other words, the continued success of humanity.

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