Top 10 attractive places in Balochistan

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Since Balochistan is part of Pakistan, the whole world is still enigmatic about the country which makes up 44 percent of Pakistan. A side that has a beautiful and majestic beauty that welcomes tourists to the key attractions in Baluchistan, the wealthy, creative, and talented countries in the Balochistan mines.
As many Pakistani people travel to Balochistan or know a lot about the region, the tourist attractions always go unnoticed and unseen. Yet the people of the province will admire the province’s stunning golden landscapes and mountains.

Waterfall Pir Ghaib – Bolan, Balochistan. Waterfall Pir Ghaib


Vir Ghaib Waterfall, Bolan-This is a wonderful view of Pir Ghaib in Balochistan. The locals here believe in a legend of the Unseen Sanctuary (Pir Ghaib) that the Almighty had rescued after the villains of the King invaded. The rivers reach the mountain like a stick streaming now, Saints, believe it or not.

Khuzdar, Balochistan – Moola Chotok

Moola Chotok, Khuzdar – Moola Chotok in Khuzdar, Balochistan is the name of this bad tourist scene. Amid a nationalist palace, Chook first seemed like a losing cause in the Chalavan conspiracy. Chotok has been stripped of all hazards since military operations in the Khuzdar division and is now accessible to local citizens and visitors to see the breathtaking unforgettable.

Quaid-e-Azam Residency – Ziarat, Balochistan

Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the father of the Quaid-e-Azam nation, spent days in distress in this wooden hut in Ziarat. It is probably one of Pakistan’s best tourism destinations. The location is of historical interest and is suitable for relaxing in Ziarat.

Quetta, Balochistan (Hannah and Lake Urrak)

Hannah Jheel, Quetta — This is Lake Hannah, which in winter appears frozen, frozen, and amazing. People come here first when they visit Quetta from all over Pakistan. Lake Hannah is just 18 km from the town and is the ideal location for local people to flee.

Waadi – Balochistan Waadi-e-Bolan

A long portion of a mount-pass is Vaadi-e-Bolan, Bolan, Balochistan / Vaadi-e-Bolan. It is a place of historical and stunning importance. The first Pakistani railway system, the Pir Ghaib valley, and the Bibi Naani temple were designed by the British.

NP Hingol – Hingol, Balochistan

Hingol National Park, Hingol, Balochistan-Mountains of exotic appearance, uncommon and exotic species, including Markhor and many other deer families, surrounded by shallow blue waters. What else would you expect at Balochistan’s tourist attraction?

Kund Malir Beach Balochistan

Kund Malir Beach, Kund Malir, Balochistan – Kund Malir Beach is one of Pakistan’s best tourism destinations and one of Pakistan’s most exotic beaches. In recent years many people have been getting from him as much money as possible to visit Kund Malir and Karachi. Even, it’s a little bit more invisible what makes Balochistan.

Gandhava-Jhal Magsi, BelochistanPir Noorani Gandhava, Ghal Magsi, Belochistan—An oasis in the middle of nowhere. A wonderful natural ecosystem in the heart of the desert plains with a legendary tale. An inspirational oasis that serves thousands of unique fish in the sea. The legend says if you eat Pir Chattal fish or catch it then you will die of the toxin, or the fish will fall out of your mouth in a slice of mercury. This legend is Balochistan’s major tourist attraction.

Gwadar-Pasni, Balochistan, Balochistan – Astola island

Astola Island, also known as “Gwadar/Pasni,” is a remote uninhabited Arab-sea, Pakistan island, which is known as the “Seven Hills island.” Also, the largest island in Pakistan is the epitome of Balochistan’s underrated charm. It’s a perfect attraction for visitors.

Jhal Magsi Desert Rally – Jhal Magsi, Balochistan

Jhal Magsi, Balochistan — It is famous for its safari in deserts and the annual assembly of wildlife. Fans from all over Pakistan assemble in one place and wait for the rally to come to an end. Plains that resemble the Jhal-Magsi desert are the best off-road picnic spot in Pakistan. It’s certainly one of the best tourist destinations in Pakistan.

Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhava-Jhal Magsi, Balochistan

Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhava – An oasis in the midst of nowhere. Gandhava, Jhal Magsi. An extraordinary natural ecosystem in the center of the desert plains with an iconic tale. A breathtaking oasis that serves thousands of rare trout. Accorded to the legend, you will certainly die from the poison when you capture or eat Pir chattal fish or the fish will come out of your mouth in a piece of mercury. This legend is Balochistan’s major tourist attraction.

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