When it rains, look for a rainbow.

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Oscar Wilde is the author of the book “When it rains, you look for a rainbow when you look for dark stars” for a very talented person. But a difficult life carries a positive message. We often find that those who experience hardship or adversity can give words of hope.


When a person is in the depths of a crisis with no clear way out, there is often thought, a light that illuminates the way forward. After going through the worst situations, normally look back and wonder how you went through it.

We all have moments like this in life, we just live it. Good and bad experiences in life cannot escape, because in many ways these people make us the people we become.

Some situations are worse than others, but they all have consequences. The breakdown of unpleasant relationships as bad is nothing compared to the fear of experiencing things like a war of destruction or living in a cruel way. How Do I Find a Rainbow?

Why does rainfall on our lives?

Growth and decline are part of life as I mentioned before. But have you ever noticed that sometimes all of us seem to be fine? Even if it seems like that. We notice all the negative things.

This is because your mind is like a magnet, so the law of attraction works. Your thoughts generate energy, such as vibration, and attract similar vibrations.

To illustrate this, let’s say you get out of bed in the morning, and because you’re a little sleepy, you lower your fingers next to the bed. It hurts and creates an immediate negative feeling.

Emotions are formed in our minds, so your thoughts are negative now. You can hurt your partner and create a bad feeling, leading to an argument. You can shout at your child and create a bad feeling and so on.

Your negative thoughts send negative vibratory energy and it will come back to you. If you’re looking for a rainbow when it starts to fall or smile when your fingers are bent, it probably won’t happen!

Find the rainbow:

In the physical world, it is very easy to find a rainbow when it rains. But in your opinion, that is something else. You could say it was easy for me to sit here and write that you should jump for joy and rejoice if your fingers bend. But that is not what I am saying.

I say you have a choice. Choices how you will respond to the situation, the choices you feel, your choices how you will live. Depending on your idea, you can choose your own idea.

Yes, easy to say and not easy to do. But you have the power to choose your own ideas. Once you accept that, it can be released, because while obviously you can control it – if you want.

Just get to know your thoughts and change them. The easiest way is to evaluate how you feel – remember that thoughts create emotion. If you feel negative, check what you are thinking.

Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones and take immediate action. As you need to exercise But the more you do, the easier it will be. Train your mind to exercise your muscles. It was hard at first. But after the first pain, you gradually develop.

This is how you find a rainbow when it rains, you prefer to control your mind than you do. Your mind is only part of you, not you. Knowing how your mind works and where you have control is key.

Be open to change:

Sometimes barriers can create opportunities we have never seen or thought of before. The point is to ignore the barriers or believe that you can overcome them, which will lead to visibility opportunities.

We often close our minds to new possibilities and lose them forever. I’m sure there are times in your life when something happens that you don’t want. But when you come back later, you’re glad it came back.

I wrote about it some time 20 years ago, at a difficult time in my life, both personally and professionally. I was not in a good place when I was suddenly offered a very good job.

If I were to accept this, I would have to give up my life and cross many miles. I don’t want to, but I want to, I listen to my inner voice and move on to a new life and appreciate the good things I do. My inner voice showed me a rainbow!

When it rains, look for a rainbow because it is there:

You hear the saying, “I do not see a tree stick,” and it looks like a rainbow. The difference is that a tree is a tree. But no long rain A rainbow is a lovely mirror of rain.

Although the rainbow does not exist But it does exist when the sunlight is reflected by the fall If you think the rain is unmixed and frustrating, you should always be aware that a rainbow is where You may not see it now. But stay there

There are actually better times, even if things around you seem bad. Change your thoughts for the better when they come and believing in them will help you change your mind.

Can’t you imagine the beauty of the rainbow more than the rain? Of course, you need to do this when you are in a difficult situation. You will feel better, and this is your first step in changing bad times. Always remember when it rains, look for a rainbow because that’s where you go.

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