Why Parents are important in life

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Parents are important!

Calling parents, for some, is more of an obligation than a pleasure.

Even though we love them, the reasons not to call them are linked to our history and our family relationships …

A different point of view
Our parents have their opinions on life, which are often different from ours.


When we discuss with them situations that we encounter, they sometimes try to impose their point of view. They can criticize us and even annoy us sometimes.

So rather than hearing that we aren’t doing things the way they would like, we’d rather not call them or give details about our life.

This avoids criticism and confrontation.

But their behavior, though sometimes lacking intact, is easily explained.

They suffer from our failures, they live through us, they would like us to succeed.

Love and incomprehension

In the end, Love is there, on both sides, but instead of creating a real bond, it materializes in misunderstanding and frustration.

Blame it on parents only?

This is what you might think: they don’t understand anything about our life, they are old school. But it’s a little easy to blame them. Because our behavior is far from irreproachable.


They gave us everything during our childhood and adolescence and in return, we no longer call them, we denigrate and criticize them. In fact, we are unable to deal with their fears for us.

We are unable to tell them that we want to make our own choices, that they should trust us, and that this does not undermine the fact that we love them.

What is the role

Parents have the task
to raise and educate their
children and prepare them for
adult life.
Biological parents
often assume the role
parental, but others
people, like
members of an extended family
or foster parents or
adoptive, can raise

The important role of parents :

Most of the children who suffer from personality disorders or who are in difficulty either academically or socially are victims of parents who do not fulfill their mission.

Being a parent is a huge responsibility, it’s a job in its own right.

First of all, it is important to teach your children the first basics of education and this involves several details, each equally important.

These basics translate, for example, into teaching your little one to say thank you when given something or to behave well at the table. Remind him that it is rude to speak out loud and that it is equally bad to disrespect others when he is having a discussion. You will also need to make sure that he is not rude and that he does not use inappropriate terms at the risk of being seen as a rude child.

Then you will have to teach your children to stand in line and not to pass the people who were in the row long before or to always pay what they owe whether it is in the supermarket or even in a restaurant.

On the other hand, parents have a mission to instill a lot of values in their children in order to make them good people. Make sure to learn to show them how important it is to be a good person, teach them to do good around them, and to help their neighbor and especially make sure that they completely stray from the wrong path.

In the cultural education of your children, you will have an equally important role. Because before they start going to school, your children will be in your care. And this is where they will develop a sense of curiosity and a desire to learn. Encourage your children to read from an early age, it will have a positive impact on their intellectual capacities. Make them love crafts, the love of crafts develops from early childhood. And this kind of activity will make your child resourceful and creative. Creativity is a necessary quality for success today.

How our parents felt

But instead, we stick up and can be rude to them. But our words have more reach and are more hurtful than you think.

We do not realize their impact because we do not know how a father or mother may feel for their child.

One day we too will have children, and then we will understand what our parents were going through. We will try to make the best choices and live through them.

We will stress for their lives, and we will probably criticize their choices, arguing that they are not the best. Perhaps we will even handle the situation even worse than our parents.

Whatever conflicts I may have had with my parents, I only know one thing: Every time I called them, they were happy.

They weren’t always pleasant. Sometimes they got on my nerves. But it is not ultimately the most important.

My parents, like some of my friends, are part of my story, and who I am now. Without their unconditional love and education, I would be nothing.

Today I would like to thank them and tell them that I love them but they are no longer there.

So if you think you should call your parents to thank them for everything they have done for you, to tell them that you love them, don’t wait for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Do not wait before it’s too late.

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