250 000 Deaths Are Suspected In Future due to Climate Change

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climate change

Do you know why 250 000 deaths are suspected in the near future? This is because of climate change. Climate change is the rise in global temperature, due to human activities that have released enough carbon dioxide to make human life suffer. Sooner or later, climate changes would be a core reason to outbreak waterborne and vectorborne diseases. Climate change is a threat to human lives. It has impacted basic essential building blocks of a healthy human life; clean environment, fresh air, clean water, safe shelter, and food supply. 250 000 deaths are suspected in between 2030 and 2050 according to climate change news, The boom in death rate is expected because of diseases like malaria, malnutrition, diarrhea, and heat stress.

Is Climate Change Real?

According to a report, climate change 2019 has been a serious topic to talk about. 2015 to 2019 is a period that is known as the warmest five-year period until now. Which has stroked climate terribly? For example, a rise in sea levels, an increase in greenhouse gasses, accelerated melting of snow and sea ice. Extensive changes in weather patterns along with a rise in storm intensity and unusual changes in precipitation levels.

Looking forward to solutions; scientists believe that renewable energy and energy efficiency is the most cost-effective, feasible, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions to accelerate changes in climate. We can eliminate the chances of climate change by switching to a better version of renewable energy resources, that doesn’t release greenhouse gases into the environment. To strictly implement the above-mentioned solutions, government or responsible authorities may implement prices on carbon emissions. However, nothing is possible due to humans participation. The landowner needs to take care of themselves.

Let’s make this place a better world for a living. Deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies will not only benefit the environment, but create employment opportunities too. This will indirectly help in building the economy of the country and terminate dependence on energy imports. They eat up hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

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