3 Haunted Places In The World

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Due to unusual deaths, or some other reason, many places in the world are known to be possessed yet they are called Haunted Places In The World. They give a terrifying experience to their visitors, yet people still enjoy going there. The list of 3 most terrifying places is mentioned below.

Château de Brissac, Maine-et-Loire, France:

This place is located in France, known to be haunted since ages. A lady La Dame Verte, who is known to be the illegitimate child of King Charles VII was murdered by her husband. Moreover, She was murdered for catching her husband cheating on her, in the castle. She usually appears on the top of the tower, in a green dress, with scary eyes and moaning around the castle. 

Haunted Places In The World

This castle is known as ‘Giant of the Loire Valley’ consisting of seven floors, 204 rooms and a wide view from vertical galleries. Along with, a theatre designed for the performance of opera for 200 people. It was built in the 11th century by Counts of Anjou.

However, This location is used to host events like Christmas. People enjoy staying there overnight.

Dragsholm Slot, Denmark

The haunted hotel at Denmark is commonly known as Dragsholm Slot is known to be home for 100 ghosts. Moreover, People have often noticed a white lady, running around the hall. This is the same lady whose skeleton is cooped up in the wall. 

It is a very voguish restaurant, offering food and luxury to its customers. To have a ghost experience, people need to book a ghost tour. Under ghost tours, they stay for 2 nights, along with the tour guide.

Dragsholm Slot was built in 1215. It is counted among one of the most ancient castles in the town. Later it was reported to be the most haunted castle of Europe. In the 16th and 17th century, it was used to house prisoner priestly or ministerial rank figures

Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

One of the most ancient buildings, built-in 17th century, by East India Company is known to be haunted. People saw a tall man jumping off the castle wall and latter sauntering between Leerdam and Oranje. Few have also seen a woman, withholding her face, running in the castle, and crying overwrought.

Haunted Places In The World

Currently, this place is a tourist attraction. People come here to enjoy cannon firing. It is also served as a museum and a place dedicated to a leader of Khoi nation, Krotoa.

There are many haunted places in the world that have their history. However, These few places are known for their other-worldly experiences. Many people have lost their lives while touring the place.

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