8 Cause of Road Accidents

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The most accident figures

Each year, around 3,500 are killed due to road accidents. that’s to mention nearly 10 killed per day.
Half of those killed are motorists.

In addition, nearly 73,000 wounded (200 / day). Many of them will have sequelae all their life, starting from a more or less visible scar to the lack to steer , through chronic pain.

Road Accidents

The value of road accidents

The annual cost of road accidents in France is around 25 billion euros.

This includes the prices associated with mortality, hospitalizations, compensation, but also the value of only material accidents.

Road Accidents

The money generated by fines, including automatic speed cameras, cannot cover this sum.

Each folks bears a part of this cost, through the taxes we all pay (not just income tax) and thru the quantity of insurance.

The most factors

Driver failure is that the explanation for nearly 90% of accidents. The condition of the road or vehicles is seldom taken because the trigger.

The main factors are:

  • speed (30% of fatal accidents),
  • alcohol (30% of fatal accidents),
  • cannabis (22% of fatal accidents),
  • the belt fault or an unsuitable device (10%),
  • telephone use (10%),
  • fatigue or discomfort (10%).
    (Several factors are often found within the same accident, which explains why the entire exceeds 100%).

At night

Road Accidents

At night, there are only 10% of road traffic, but almost half those killed (46%).

The causes: a sense of safety thanks to the low traffic (when visibility is considerably reduced), resulting in a rise in risk-taking and infringements (speed, compliance with priority signs, dangerous overtaking, etc.).

The foremost affected users

Fragile users (pedestrians, 2 wheels) account for nearly half road fatalities (over 40%). albeit these users sometimes take some risks, it’s in particular the bad behavior of other users that’s the explanation for the accident: excessive speed, refusal of priority, dangerous overtaking …

Among pedestrians, it’s the elderly who are most affected.
In the 2 wheels, it’s the bikers (600 killed / year).

The various networks

It is within the city that there are the foremost accidents. But it’s outside urban areas that they’re the foremost serious. There are 7 killed out of 10 outside built-up areas (mainly because the speed is higher).

In 40% of cases, accidents outside built-up areas are accidents where just one user is involved (exits from the road, etc.).

The weather

Contrary to popular belief, most accidents happen when the weather are good: no precipitation, good visibility. In fact, when the weather is good , drivers drive faster and more fragile users (pedestrians, two-wheelers) are more numerous.

Driver profile

Men represent 3/4 of these killed on the road. At issue: risk-taking (especially with speed) and alcohol.

Young drivers aged 18 to 24 pay an important price: 17% of these killed, while they represent but 10% of the population. Excessive speed is noted in 45% of their accidents.

Novice drivers (less than 2 years of license) represent 9% of fatalities.

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