Is Beirut Blast Tragedy an Accident or an Attack?

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A pleasant evening turned into a tragedy; with a huge sound of cry, an evening that will mark this day as a dark day in history. This horrifying evening left at least 135 people dead at the spot, and thousands of people wounded at Beirut blast incident, on Tuesday evening (5 Aug 2020). 

According to the sources, and viral videos on social media, a few moments before this heart-wrenching incident; white smoke billowing from a warehouse was noticed. After this, a huge explosion was heard, leaving numerous people dead and homeless. The incident has sent shockwaves across the city. 

The picture behind the Beirut blast tragedy is still foggy but officials believe that this agonizing incident took place due to the negligence of departments. Prime Minister Hassan Diab suspected that explosion was caused because of 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate being stored in the warehouse, for over 6 years.

Furthermore, a report explains that a Moldovan-flagged cargo ship unloaded the same quantity of ammonium nitrate back in 2013. To elaborate it for our readers, ammonium nitrate is a chemical that we use for plants. This chemical supports the growth of plants, due to its nitrogen properties. However, the picture is not clear yet.

The reason that instigates chemical to become explosive is still unknown. As this chemical does not own explosive qualities until provoked. It is an oxidizer that needs extreme conditions to erupt or explode.

Although ammonium nitrate doesn’t explode, it can melt if exposed to heat. Melted ammonium nitrate releases a combustible toxic gas that is highly explosive. The situation can be worst if ammonium nitrate is in bulk. Even if a little amount of ammonium nitrate is exposed to heat, it will cause the whole supply to melt, causing a catastrophe. 

Pray For Beirut Blast Victims

After the blast, the nearby hospitals also Shattered. It is suspected that the death rate might boom up because injured people are in an unstable condition. On the other hand, firefighters rushed to the situation. They attempted to extinguish the fire with water. As per reports, 10 firefighters are also missing.

In contrast to this, Daher mentioned that custom officials wrote at least 6 times to the responsible authorities. Requesting them to remove dangerous cargo from the port but they never listened.

He further mentioned that this negligence is unacceptable and he will punish the responsible ones for sure. In a statement, he said, “I will not rest until we find those responsible for what happened, hold them accountable, and impose maximum punishment”.

People are still in shock, weeping for their loved ones. During this disastrous situation, all we can do it pray for innocent people who had to pay for other’s negligence. It’s very easy for officials and responsible authorities to dodge the law and clear their positions; but perhaps, not this time. We all need to stand up against the incompetence; if not, then we might fail as a human!

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