Believe it or not, time travel is possible.

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Actually, now you are doing it. Every second of every day you will move with your own future. You are moving through time in the same way as in space. It may seem ridiculous, but it is very important, the movement through time continues and you can reach your own future. (Whether you like it or not)
And even cooler, you can skip the time if you want


For clarity, you have to do engineering first.
With the physics of Einstein’s special relativity theory, we know that you can replace the motion of space with the motion of time. If you are fully standing, you will move the time scale at the specified speed. (The speed of light for the people you are curious) When you start moving in space, you slow down the time transfer rate.

That is, the faster you move through space, the slower you can pass through time.

This means that a moving object, such as a rocket clock, moves relatively slowly. The time period for someone on the spacecraft to move takes more than a second for the people still waiting.
The trick is, to get this noticeable effect, you need to get close to the speed of light, which is very difficult to do. To get insights, astronauts will spin the Earth tens of thousands of kilometers per hour in just one hour. One microsecond or more of our world clock.

Our fastest human spacecraft did not blow up a tenth of the speed of light. But if you can spend time with extreme speed limits in space, your clock will slow down. You will travel in time for the future. Nothing sounds strange to you. But after a few years of traveling, you’ll come back to the world to see how many thousands or even tens of thousands of years our watches have been promoted, depending on how fast you walk.
So your future is yours and you can choose how quickly you can reach it.


There is nowhere for God in Stephen Hawking’s universe, because the famous cosmologist believes that all existence is made up of …

As he explains in his last book, “Short Answers to Big Questions” before the Big Bang didn’t even exist, even God created the universe.

“These laws may or may not be judged by God. But he cannot intervene to break the law or it is not the law. ”

While the existence of God didn’t make sense in Hawking, it was more open to the possibility of something that most people might consider: time travel.

Hawking was a famous tourist festival at the time. But the invitation was not sent until after the celebration. No one came to the party. But scientists write that there is still hope that the journey to the past will be possible according to the laws of the universe. The idea is focused on the promise of the so-called “Theory M”, which suggests that the universe may have seven more hidden dimensions besides the four familiar spatial-time dimensions.

Hawking was working on the book at the time of his death in March and was completed with help from family and personal archives.

The quick read provides one chapter on highlighting common public warnings that physicists advertise about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence and another on evolutionary climate change. Many countries face hope for the future, predicting that science will discover a large unity theory that unites the importance and size of physics and that humans have been traveling along with the solar system for a century.

The Concept:

The concept of a time machine is often associated with images of inhumane working devices that are overused in science fiction. But according to Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which explains how gravity works in space, real-life travel isn’t just a vague fantasy.

Time travel was impossible according to Einstein’s theory. In fact, over time, physicists are able to deliver tiny particles called electrons-like electrons by manipulating the gravity around them. This doesn’t mean the technology to send people over 100 years will be available in the future very soon.

However, in the past, time travel was not fully understood. However, astrophysicist Eric W. Davis, from the International Institute for Advanced Study EarthTech in Austin, says it’s possible. All you need is a sewer, a theoretical path through time predicted by the theory of relativity [Crazy Physics: Nature’s Coolest Particles].

Where is my Groundhole?

Worms are not yet proven, and in any case found, they can be so small that people cannot get inside regardless of any type of spacecraft.

Although Davis ‘work published in the July issue of the Journal of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics addresses the time machine and the possibility of using a sewer or as a means of transporting the past, Davis’ work was published in the journal American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

General relativity and the theory of perfection seem to offer many possibilities for travel in what physicists call it. A “closed arc, reverse curve” or path that cuts through time and space – basically a time machine.

For example, a well allows a boat to travel from one point to another faster than the speed of one type of light. This is because the boat will reach its destination faster than the short travel beam through space on the ground. In this way, the vehicle does not violate the so-called universal speed limit rule, the speed of light, because the boat is not traveling at a speed faster than light. [Distorted Physics: 10 Effects of Traveling Faster Than Light]

However, Davis added that building a hole in the ground in the time machine was not an easy task, “it took a lot of effort to turn the drain into a time machine, it was difficult to pull the holes out of the ground.” He told LiveScience.

This is because once the worm is formed, one or both ends must accelerate to the desired position according to general relativity.

The challenges ahead

There are several theories about how the laws of physics can work to prevent worm travel.

“Not only do we think [past time travel] will never be able to happen in our lives. But we think the laws of physics, once fully understood, will be extinguished completely, ”said Robert Owen, an astrophysicist at Oberlin College in Ohio. For black holes and the theory of gravity

According to scientists today, a large amount of strange matter is needed to maintain a pit that is strong enough to pass through, a substance that is not yet well understood.

Overall survival cannot be described as strange – in general, it is not strange. But the strange thing is So all theories General Relativity, The Integrity Theory is a system for illuminating the universe, similar to the lens that scientists observe the universe [video-traveling, how to get on time].

However, the anomaly is seen in very small amounts – not enough to protect against worms. Physicists must find a way to produce and achieve extremely bizarre matter if they expect to achieve semi-speed – faster than effortless travel and over time.

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