“Black Lives Matter” human rights organization.

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Black Lives Matter is an international human rights organization from the African-American community, running a campaign against violence and racism against black people. After the brutal murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, millions of people stood up to support Black Lives Matter.


I currently live in the UK. But I have always been interested in American history, culture, and politics. Watching things unfold in the United States, I was forced to comment on the issue. The focus of this blog is on two countries that are familiar to me. However, it is very important to recognize that racism remains a global problem and that the rest of the world is far from innocent. What started in Minneapolis took a toll around the world, with at least 40 countries around the world facing embarrassing reality.

As an active partner and supporter of this influential movement, I would like to share valuable resources and raise awareness in every possible way. When it comes to the strong protesters that I and my friends have caught, I have provided 3 ways we can all support the Black Life movement.


In our daily lives, we are more inclined to solve problems than to try to understand where they come from. It may seem impossible for many of us to really understand the pain and anger of the black community. But I think it is our responsibility to try

Racism is not just a social issue. But also rooted in the systematic structure of society For example, in the United States, the failure to provide equality of opportunity for the African American population created a racial gap in wealth and a black-and-white difference in poverty of work. Unfortunately, we still see it all over the world. Researching criminal justice and law enforcement finds long-term evidence for a variety of racial and discriminatory practices. If you are black in England and Wales, you are at least six times more likely to be disarmed and attacked by police as a white person. In the United States, blacks are twice as likely to kill unarmed black people as white. Oh, have you heard about relocation? Corruption and racism have prevented minority communities from building their wealth and sharing the embarrassing American dream. Its influence continues today, with black homeowners always at a low level. If you are willing to stand up for the black community, you need all the information you can get.

By the middle of the 20th century, the founders and supporters of the civil rights movement knew what change was needed. The abolition of the fundamental divisions and the development of equity law is proud to be achieved through protests and crusades for justice.

Where are we going here?

It is true that most of us today have limited knowledge of where we can go today. We demand a lot of change and we continue to cry for justice. But we are not sure what it will look like. In other words, research is one of the top priorities for allies and supporters of social and political movements. By increasing our knowledge of key issues, we can increase our ability and expertise in the fight against inequality and injustice. Black life is important.

No need to wait for October. (Or February in the US) Black history research should not be limited to one specific month. Some of my recommendations include a systematic look at TED lectures on racism. Real reading (Here is a list of helpful tips) and listening to podcasts like Cross-section is essential! It is hosted by Kimberlé Crenshaw, a leading theory of competition.


The sad reality today is that black people are still dying from those who promise to protect them. At the most basic level, this transition requires a change of statistics. But most of all, Black Lives Matter provides a platform for those who have never heard of it and are calling for real responsibility for what we have lost. George Floyd’s premature death was recorded in a video. But there are thousands of other violent incidents involving police brutality in the invisible black community. Unfortunately, it’s always the same, just another name.

So maybe you are wondering what to do? I’m just human, strength really is numbers. Find out if there is a protest going on in your city and if you are following the movement.


You may be embarrassed to come out to protest during an epidemic, so you can start by signing a petition. It will only take two minutes to sign the petitions. Most of the petitions below call for government action or criminal prosecution. They called for an appropriate response from the authorities following the illegal deaths of black people in the US and UK.

Justice for Tony McDade, a transgender man killed by an unknown police officer from Tallahassee.
The Law on Manual Handling has filed a petition to pass a law prohibiting police officers from shooting unarmed citizens.
Justice for Breonna Taylor, an emergency technician, killed by a Louisville Metro official.
Justice to Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed during runoff in Glynn County, Georgia. See the petition requesting Georgia state law to introduce a criminal law that has now been passed by the state parliament.
In fairness, he shot and shot Sean Reed 13 times as he fled from Indianapolis police.
Justice for Belly Mujing, a British railway worker, denied adequate protection and response to her employer after the attack that led to her death. His case has just been opened.
Petition to reform the national curriculum to teach students the realities of British imperialism and colonialism.
Justice drowned Shukri Abdi, a 12-year-old young refugee, in a river in Greater Manchester while classmates watched and laughed. Police condemned his death as undisputed. See the petition to seek investigation at Broad Oak Sports College for possible negligence caused by failure to resolve rape cases.


As well as signing the petition, you can also contribute to supporting campaigns and organizations such as:

Black life is important
Black visions
Operation Zero supports a political solution to stop American police brutality.
The bail program provides the complainant with guaranteed assistance.

Say Her Name campaign to support mothers who lost their daughters in police violence

Hope Not to Hate, one of the largest and most successful political activists in the UK.
Stop Hate UK supports victims of hate crime.
The Black Curriculum, a social enterprise dedicated to teaching and supporting black history throughout the year.

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