Finally Tiktok is ban in Pakistan

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The Akstan Telecommunication Authority has issued a notice to shut down the Tiktok app, while Tiktok has also been given a final warning. According to PTA, it has received complaints against these applications.


According to a press release released on PTA’s Twitter account, the authority has received numerous complaints about pornographic and immoral content on social media applications like Tiktok, especially Tik Tak and Begum, and its extremely negative impact on society and the younger generation. However, the response from these agencies was reassuring.” Was not forgiving.
However, social media users and digital rights experts in Pakistan disagree with the ban. Asad Baig of Media Matters for Democracy, a media rights organization, told DW: “Targeting Tiktok is a reflection of the PTE’s policy on teaching ethics, even though pornography on the Internet is a It can also be described as In my opinion, it is wrong to completely shut down any platform on which people from all walks of life can share videos. Who are “There are reports that they are inciting middle-class women and girls to make pornographic videos, but instead of shutting down the app, the FIA should investigate the allegations,” she told DW. ۔ ”


According to Pakistani law, the government can take action against social media companies that do not comply with government orders. Osama Khilji, a cyber rights expert, says, “It seems that the government wants to control what information is being provided through apps.” Under Pakistan’s cyber security law, the PTA has this option. Gets to declare any content obscene and ban any app on that basis. According to Osama Khilji, “It is not the job of the state to teach ethics to the citizens, especially when through these apps the young generation can also express their creativity and use technology that “Society is free from the class system, where anyone can make money and enjoy.”

“You can’t deprive everyone of any online platform in the name of protecting children,” says Fareeha Aziz, who works for digital rights. In the opinion of Fareeha Aziz, the issue of mental illness is a very complex issue, which is not discussed at all, but such apps are called ‘mental health’. The tax is stopped.

This is not the first time that social networking sites or applications have been banned in Pakistan. A few days ago, Pakistan also banned an online game called ‘Pub G’. Pakistani officials say the game has led young people to resort to violence and suicide.

The U.S. government once raised national security concerns about ticketing, fearing it would collect personal information from nearly 100 million U.S. users and even hand it over to the Chinese government.

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced on September 19 that it was suspending the Tick Tuck ban, hoping to allow byte dance. Complete negotiations on Walmart and Oracle transactions.

However, Tick Tick believes that the US government’s ban is not purely a matter of national security, but of political considerations for the November general election.

Bytens, TuckTock’s parent company, said on September 20 that it had entered into a preliminary agreement with Walmart and Oracle for a shareholding in the new company, TuckTock Global. The new company will be in charge of ticking operations in the United States.


Currently, the companies are still discussing the details of the transaction, and are trying to allay the concerns of the US and Chinese governments about the transaction.

In addition, Tick Tick said that the US government will ban all transactions with Americans, which will take effect on November 12. The company believes that once a ban is imposed, the ticking is tantamount to a complete ban in the United States.

On Saturday, a judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a lawsuit filed by three Tiktuk creators. He had hoped to prevent the US government from enforcing the ban on Tik Tok through legal action.

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