Five thoughts on Israeli and Palestinian, and what is in between.

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Dozens of people have been killed and more than 2,000 injured in protests on the Gaza Strip along the Israeli border fence. This is the highest number of deaths in a day since the Israeli-Hamas war in 2014, known as Operation Protective Edge.


The violence took place when Israel celebrated the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, exactly 50 kilometers from the Gaza Strip, although it was tempting to look at the lone movement in the Jerusalem movement. But here are five points that show the fact that the truth is more appropriate.

  1. There was little sensitivity to the opening of the embassy before Ramadan and Nakba, the day the Palestinians celebrated their disaster 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel.

The embassy transfer, which always needs to increase tensions, is in the hands of Hamas and others who are trying to use it as an excuse to intensify the conflict.

Protests focused on the problem of embassies in Jerusalem elsewhere, including Jerusalem itself, the West Bank, and Jordan, will remain peaceful.

In Gaza, however, the province of Jerusalem is not the main motive. It is a humane situation and lacks political boundaries.

2. It is difficult to exaggerate the seriousness of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Officially, unemployment is about 50 percent, but in practice, most able-bodied people are unemployed or unemployed.

The collapse of imports to Gaza reflects lower purchasing power and reported lower cash flows, check declines, and higher than normal debt start rates. The infrastructure is broken and he only has four to six hours of energy a day.

There is not enough water for drinking, cooking, and washing, and poor water quality. Untreated sewage is disposed of in the Mediterranean, posing a serious public health risk.

Gaza residents hoped the reconciliation process between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) would provide relief, but the process failed again. Gasan walked the streets.

3. While Israel blames Hamas for organizing the rally. But the first protests on March 30 were led by individual activists affiliated with Fatah and other organizations, not Hamas.

Hamas and other groups in Gaza soon took power, making major non-violent initiatives in a violent protest seeking to oppose Israel. Instead of firing rockets at Israel as it did in previous battles, Hamas pushed protesters through a fence on the Israeli border.

Knowing that Israel’s reaction is violent, Hamas expects a large number of civilian casualties, of whom Israel is to blame internationally.

As in previous wars, Israel and Egypt could use more casualties to reduce access restrictions and move to the Gaza Strip and help Hamas continue its service. rules

4. Israel is well aware of the poor living conditions on the Gaza Strip and the Gordian knot between the humane situation and the security risks to Israel. Eleven years after Hamas occupied the Gaza Strip and after three wars in 2009-2014, he expects Israel to learn a small lesson.

However, despite the month of warnings about the meeting on Monday. But the risk of death is high and the international community is expected to be held accountable. But Israel has done nothing to prevent this conflict.

Instead of introducing serious economic and political measures that could bring relief to Gaza, Israel’s political level has discussed a humanitarian crisis in Gaza and anticipates any progress there. With the return of the bodies of Israeli troops from the defense forces captured by Hamas.

5. Unfortunately, this is not the end. The death toll could rise further on Tuesday, Nakba actions taken by all sides, including Israel, over the next 72 hours could determine whether the situation will temporarily calm down or escalate into more widespread and long-term violence.

Although a full-fledged war will not begin at this time, however, conflicts are expected to continue until the band’s major problems are resolved, including vacuum regulation, split PA-Hamas, and the Israeli conflict. In the meantime, all actors should try to reduce tension.

Israeli forces kill Palestinian youths in protest:

Ramallah: Israeli troops kill 15-year-old Palestinians on Friday during a rocky conflict in the West Bank, Palestinian officials say, though Israeli troops say their troops are not deployed. Live shooting

The teenager was shot in the abdomen and taken to a hospital in the Palestinian city of Ramallah, where he later died, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

An Israeli military spokesman said the troops used what he described as “ways to disperse the riots” including firing rubber bullets to stop dozens of Palestinians being stoned and trying to overthrow stones and burn tires on Israeli cars.

“Reports of real fire use during the riots are not true and they say many terrorists were injured and one died,” he said.

Palestinian youths are participating in Sunday protests against Israeli communities in an al-Muhājir village near Ramallah, Marzouq village councilor Abu Naeem said. He said the protesters threw stones at the troops.

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