I Killed My Brother For Sake Of Appreciation

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The old retired doctor choked a little while getting out of his bed. My Brother searched for his diary, in the bookshelf. He went through several books. Finally, after searching for it for a few good minutes, he found what he was looking for. He pulled out his diary. It was coated with a layer of dust. He choked a little, again.


He searched for the pen, in his messy drawer. Of course, he had no one in his home. He killed his brother, He was a cancer patient, at his last stages, counting his last breathes, He decided to leave a note, to confess his guilt, He started writing “8 years back, I and my family had a healthy lifestyle. We were a family of two brothers, and my brother’s wife along with his kids. It was my elder brother. As an orphan, I never felt the absence of my parents. My brother fulfilled my every desire. Whatever he earned was either spent on me or his family. He never got anything fancy for himself. Although he was the only earning person in the house. Everyone appreciated my brother. I was always advised by people to get serious in my life. This always made me jealous. My brother paid for my university fee. He wanted me to become a doctor”. The old man felt difficulty breathing but he gathered up the courage and continued writing.

A Bad Experience


“I completed my medical with flying colors and expected people to appreciate me. But no, my brother was appreciated for paying my expenses. This made me even more jealous. I always wanted to be the first one. However, time passed by. My brother was discovered with a disease. I being the doctor was expected to treat my only sibling. The case wasn’t that critical. But I took advantage. I told everyone that he is very critical. I started giving him the wrong medications. His condition got worst every day. I was happy but pretended to be sad. I didn’t want him to live, I wanted the appreciation and attention that was always given to him” The doctor paused to wipe his tears. He took a long breath and continued writing.
“Everyone had their eyes on me, expecting me to cure him. By each passing day, I hauled my brother nearer to death. Soon, he died. His death was the horrible one. I being the wicked made sure that his death must be a horrible one”. Tears started rolling down. He wrote it very a heavy heart.

Never Do This

“He screamed out of pain. He called me for help. I could have helped him. It was in my hands. But instead, I decided to sit on the side stool and read my favorite magazine. I remember his painful cry for help. He was bleeding. He was shivering, He screamed with his trembling voice. Nurses came for help. I yelled at them and ordered them to stay out of the room”
“Slowly and steadily, my brother started slowing down. He made slow movements. I knew these are his last moments, I decided to complete my last paragraph, I continued reading the latest news. After an hour, my brother made no movements. moreover, I stood up and walked towards him. I placed my fingers beneath his nose to see if he was still breathing. He wasn’t breathing. That was the happiest day of my life. I called nurses and told them to take him”.

I Felt So Guilty!

The old retired doctor, who was a cancer patient too, cried his heart out. He wept to top of his lungs, out of regret. He continued writing “My brother’s wife died as she couldn’t take the news. Soon, I started experiencing some unusual symptoms. I ignored them in the beginning but when they got sever, I got a medical checkup. I have discovered with cancer; the last stage. When I read my report, I knew I won’t survive. For this reason, I didn’t take any treatment. Here I am today, surviving for life. I know, I am counting my last breath, I know I will die at any moment, I know I did wrong with my brother, I regret the decision of killing him. I am the murder, I am a criminal. This is karma. I am ending my life.
However, The doctor pulled out the gun. He placed it on his forehead, and fired! Blood spots could be seen on the wall.

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